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Dr. Paul Inaku Oko


Guidance and Counselling


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Paul Inaku Oko

Dr.Oko, Paul Inaku Ogwokri is an academic, a counsellor and an administrator. He was born with no Silver spoon. He was employed as Lecturer II in April, 1991, into the Cross River State College of Education, Akamkpa. The College metamorphosed into the Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) in 2002 where he was re-designated to lecturer I. When the new Cross River State of Education, Akamkpa was re-established in November, 2008, He was re-absorbed into the College as Chief Lecturer and appointed Deputy Provost of the College. He served in that capacity till March, 2012, and has continued to serve the College in Teaching, Research and Community Service till date. He is married with five Children. He is a certificated and licensed Teacher with Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). Here in University of Calabar, He is serving on sabbatical leave (January – December, 2019) in the Department of Guidance and Counselling on designated Senior Lecturer. He is teaching two undergraduate courses (EDG213, 222) and four postgraduate courses (EDG914, 952, 853 and 923). He has supervised the 2019 Teaching Practice Students of faculty of Education University of Calabar, Calabar.He has participated in the Departmental Thesis Defence and four inaugural Lectures of the University. Apart from serving as Lecturer I in CRUTECH(2002 - 2008), He has served as an adjunct Lecturer to Institute of Education University of Calabar, in the 1990s and had supervised thirty Undergraduate projects. He had also served as adjunct, NCE Lecturer to National Teacher Institute (NTI) Kaduna in Calabar study Centres in the 1990s. He has taught in all the rungs of Education – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. He attended the following schools: Government Primary School, Ogboja, Ogoja (1967-1971), FSLC; Mary Knoll College, Okuku(1973 - 1977) GCE O/L; St. Thomas T.T.C. Igoli Ogoja (1978-1980) TC II; University of Benin, Benin City, (1982 - 1986)B.Ed Physical & Health Education; University of Calabar, Calabar (1990-2005)M.Ed&Ph.D Guidance & Counselling. He has published 19 articles in reputable journals and authored 2 textbooks and contributed 20 chapters in academic textbooks. He has served as an Associate Editor to Akamkpa Journal of Education (AJE) and Journal of Education & Technology (JET) all domiciled in Cross River State College of Education and Cross River University of Technology, respectively (1994 to 2008).He has also served as peer reviewer to three reputable journals. He has attended and presented papers in 20 Conferences Nationwide. He is a member of Five Professional Associations-Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON); Nigeria Association of Physical, Health Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance (NAPHER.SD); National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK) and Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN). Dr.Oko has served as a member of the Governing Council of the Cross River State College of Education, Akamkpa (1998-2001).He remains a Permanent Member of Academic Board, Cross River State College of Education, Akamkpa. He has served in Accreditation Panellist (Generalist) at Nasarawa State College of Education, Akwanga in 2016 for National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). As part of Community Service, he has rehabilitated 10 boreholes in his Community-Okpoma Yala L.G.A. of Cross River State in 1998/1999. His merit award includesSecondary School Scholarship from the Defunct South Eastern State Government for Scoring Distinction in the Dec. 1971, First School Leaving Certificate Examination. He is awarded an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) since 2005 till date among other plaques and certificates of merits too numerous to mention here. Dr.Oko’s Philosophy of life is that every mankind should relentlessly portray or sow the seed of love, peace and selfless services to his/her fellow mankind. And above all, we should build and leave the world a better place than we met it for the younger generation. He is striving very hard to remain a vanguard in this paradigm shift in his mentoring.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC).Govt. Primary School, Ogboja - Ogoja, Cross River State.19671971
General Certificate of Education (GCE).Mary Knoll College, Okuku – Yala, Cross River State, Nigeria. GCE (O/L) 197819731977
Teacher Certificate II (TC II).St. Thomas’s Teacher College, Igoli – Ogoja, Cross River State, Nigeria.19781980
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Physical and Health Education.University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.19821986
Master of Education (M.Ed) in Guidance and Counselling.University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.19901995
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Guidance and Counselling.University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria, Ph. D (G & C) 2006.19982005
Certificate in Information and Communicatiob Technology (ICT).State Computer Institute/MDI, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.20012001

S/N Publication
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Oko, P. I. O. (1997). Counselling against Sports Hooliganism in schools. The Calabar Counsellor (CALJOCAN), 1(1), 113 - 120.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Training Workshops on STDs, HIV/AIDS organized by NYAAP/AIDSCAP.Nil.1997-02-271997-03-02
State Annual/Inaugural Conference of Counselling Association of Nigeria. Cross River State Chapter. Counselling and Sports Hooliganism in Schools.1997-08-231997-08-25
Manpower Training Workshop for Teachers in Ikom Local Government Area organized by Federal Government College Ikom. Effective Teacher Participation in Co-Curricular Activities.1997-10-111997-10-12
32nd National Conference of Nigeria Association for Physical, Health Education and Recreation/Sports and Dance NAPHER SD. held at Igomu - Lagos.Nil.1998-04-011998-04-03
CASSON 24th Annual Conference held in Abuja.Counselling and Effective politicking in Nigeria.2000-08-212000-08-26
Nigeria Navy Primary School Seminar, held in Calabar. Administration of Physical & Health Education in Primary Schools.2002-07-202002-07-20