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Dr. Ofem Ajah Ofem


Computer Science


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Ofem Ajah Ofem

DR. Ofem, Ofem Ajah studied Computer Science at the University of Uyo and graduated in 1996 with a B.Sc Degree. He proceeded for his N.Y.S.C in July, 1997 and passed out in may 1998. He got admission for M.Sc. study in the University of Lagos in 1999 and graduated in 2001 with M.Sc. degree in Computer Science. In 2008, Dr. Ofem, Ofem Ajah got admission for a Ph.D. Study in Computer Science and graduated in 2016 with a Ph.D. degree in Network Optimization (Shortest path Time Determination in the Packet Switch Network System). He is also a of Member Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (MCPN) and Member of Nigeria. Computer Society (NCS).

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPresbyterian Primary School, Adim. Cross River State19751981
WASCSt Patrick's Technical Colledge Ugep, Cross River State19811986
B.Sc in Computer ScienceUniversity of Uyo,Uyo19901996
M.Sc Computer ScienceUniversity of Lagos19992001
Ph.D Computer ScienceUniversity of Calabar, Calabar20082016

S/N Publication
Ele, S. I, Ofem, O.A, & Obono, I. O. (2018). Object-Oriented Design (OOD) Consideration in the Design and Development of Agent-Based Patient Appointment and Scheduling System (APASS): A Case Study of University of Calabar Medical Center. Saudi Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJEAT). Scholars Middle East Publishers, Dubai, United Arab Emirate. 3(4),228-237.
Ele, S. I, Ofem, O.A. & Ele, B.I. (2018). A Multi-factor Security Level in E-insurance System Design Using OTP and Biometrics Authentication System. World Journal of Engineering Research and Technology WJERT. 4(4),1-19.
Ayei, E. I., Ofem, A. O. & Julius, N. O. (2018). A Conceptual Framework for Augmenting the Security of Digitized Academic Records in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions Using Block Chain Technology. Academia in Information Technology Profession (AITP) (An interest group of Nigeria Computer Society). 2(1),54-60.
Bassey, I. E.,Ofem, A. O., Bukie, P.T. & Joseph, O. E. (2018). Adopting Effective Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Culture for Sustainable Development of IT-Driven Sectors of the Third World Countries. The Journal of Educational Research and Technology. 5(1)35-41.
Ele, S. I., Ofem, O. A. & Obono, I. O. (2018). Implementation of Futuristic Web-Based Application for Insurance Services.. American Journal of Engineering Research. 7(3), 162-172.
Ele, S. I., Ofem, O. A., Egete, D. O. & Paulina A. A-I. (2016). Design and Implementation of A Knowledge-Based Typhoid Fever Diagnosis Expert Advisor Using Forward Chaining Inference Mechanism. Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET),4(5),261-267.
Ugbe, T. A., Akpan, S. S., Umondak, U. J., Udoeka, I. J. & Ofem, A. O. (2016). Response Surface Methodology and Its Improvement in the Yield of Pineapple Fruit Drinks. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 7(1). 541-553.
Ele, S., O. A. Ofem, B. I. Ele, & W. A. Adesola (2016). Dynamic Modeling of a Futuristic Frame-Based Knowledge Representation Using Unified Modeling Language (UML): A Case of an Intelligent Drug Marketers Tracking System (IDMTS). British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, 15(5),1-13.
Ele, S., W. A. Adesola, O. A. Ofem & P. A. Ackley (2016). Design of an Integrated Computerized Pharmacy Inventory Monitoring System (ICPIMS): A Case of University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH). British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, 15(5), 1-13.
Ele, B. I. Alo, U. R. Mbam, B. C. E. & Ofem, O. A. (2016). A model of a pragmatic secure intrusion Detection System for Local Area Networks. British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, 13(2). 1-15.
Ofem, O. A., Edim, A. E. & Ele, S. I. (2016). Shortest Path Determination in a wireless packet switch network system in University of Calabar using a modified Dijkstra’s algorithm. International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research (IJETR), 5(1). 194-198.
Edim, A. E., Ofem, A. O, & Akinremi, P. T. (2016). Multimedia Web Based Content for E-learning International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research (IJETR). 6(4), 35-40.
Ofem O. A., Agana M. A., John, O, Solomon, F. U, Ele, S. I & Anthony, O. (2016). Fast shortest path for air route network technology in Nigeria using the modified Dijkstra’s algorithm. International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (IJNAS), 11(1& 2), 41 – 46.
Akpan, S. S., UGBE, T. A., Usen, J. & Ofem, A. O. (2015). A Modified Vogel Approximation Method for Solving Balanced Transportation Problems, American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences. (ASRJETS). 14(3), 289-302.
Akpan, S.S, UGBE, T. A. & Ofem, A. O. (2015). Application of Kuhn- Tucker Optimality Criteria in the Selection of Fertilizer Combination for Crop Optimal Yield, American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences. (ASRJETS). 14(3),279-288.
Ele, S. I. Ele. B. I. & Ofem, O. A. (2015). A comparative analysis and schematic modeling of multicast routing algorithms for latency optimization in multimedia traffic delivery using the Dijkstra’s Algorithms. International Journal of Natural and Applied Science (IJNAS). 10(& 2),8-15.
Ofem, O. A. & Ele. B. I. (2014). Access efficiency of a two level memory system as a function of hit ratio H for various values of R = tA2/tA1. International Journal of Natural and Applied Science (IJNAS). 9(1 & 2), 36-41.
Ekabua, O.O. Williams, E. E. & Ofem. O.A. (2009). Problem-Oriented Software Engineering: Estimating Software Package Reliability by Determining Error Rate. International Journal of Soft Computing, 4(2), 56- 59.
Ofem, O.A. & Williams, E.E. (2007). Shortest Path (route) Determination in Telecommunication Network System. International Journal of Natural and Applied Science (IJNAS). 2(1) 90-96.
Ofem, O. A. Akpan, S.S. Edim, A. E. & Williams, E.E. (2007). Single Queue Single Server Markov Processes Model. International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (IJNAS) 2(2) 126 -132.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Fourth International Conference on Scientific and Industrial Studies, abuja2010-04-142010-04-15
National Conference on Information Technology for National Safety and Security,NAF Conference Centre, Abuja – Nigeria2016-07-192016-07-21
49th AGM of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Abuja, Nigeria2016-07-192016-07-21
Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC),Texas, USAframwork for fuzzy Smart home IOT e-Health Support System2019-04-192019-04-23