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Mrs. Nsagha Nkang Osaji


Human Kinetics and Health Education


Assistant Lecturer


[email protected]

About Mrs. Nsagha Nkang Osaji

She also hold N.C.E in Physical and Health Education obtained from Cross River State College of Education in 1999 and a Diploma in Computer Science. Nsagha got admission into the prestigious University of Calaabr and obtained her B.Sc.(Ed) in 2007. Still for the quest for more knowledge as well as travelling, she went further to gain admission into University of Calabar again to do an M.Ed in Recreation and Sports Tourism Education in the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education. while in school, Nsagha was a teacher based on her N.C.E background with the State Universal basic Education Board (STEB), now known as Universal Basic Education Board(UBEB) in 2002. Nsagha gained employment into the University of Calabar as Graduate Assistant and was among the pionner staff to begin the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education in 2010. At the completion of her M.Ed programme, Nsagha was upgraded and promoted to the rank of an Assistant her post graduate programmes were partly funded by the University Study Fellowship. She is presently serving the Department as Examinations Officer for Years 1 & 2. Nsagha has attended several conferences and leadership trainings. She teaches many courses in the Department. Nsagha is also a member and faciliatator in the Rotary Leadership Institute where she has contributed to the graduation of many students. She is a member of the National Association of Physical Health Educators, Receration Sports & Dance, (NAPHER-SD), member National Association of Athletic Technical Official (NAATO), National Association of Women in Sports (NAWIS), a National Technical Official (NTO), which has enabled her officiate both local, National and International Athletic Meets, member Teachers Registration Council (TRCN). She has carried out some researches, has some publications in both local and international peer review journals.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPresbyterian Primary School, Big Qua Town, Calabar, Cross Rive State19831988
WASSCWest African People's Institute, Calabar, Cross Rive State19891994
NCECross River State College of Education, Akamkpa, Cross Rive State19961999
B.Sc. (Ed) Physical and Health EducationUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross Rive State20052007
M. Ed Receration and Sports Tourism EducationUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross Rive State20092014

S/N Publication
Odok, E. A., Osaji, N. N., & Adie, B. U. (2017). Level of sports Participation and Moral Variables of Students in Secondary Schools in Ikom and Research. International Journal of Education Administration Planning and Reserach, 9(1), 149 -154.
Odok, E. A., Edim, M. E., & Osaji, N. N. (2015). Physical Exercise and Diet: A therapy for Work Stress. Multi -disciplinary Journal of Research and Develpoment Perspective. 4(2), 202 - 210
Osaji, N. N., & Eja, E. I. (2015). Effect of Adminstration Decision- Making and Communication behaviour on Poverty Alleviation among Staff of the Tourism Industry. World Environmental Journal, 1(2), 107 - 115
Emeribe, V. C., Akah, L. U., & Osaji, N. N. (2015). Resident's Perception of the socio-economic Impact of the Ranch Resort on the People of Obudu-Obanliku Local government Areas of Cross River State, Nigeria. Education for today, 11(2), 147 - 152.
Edim, M. E., & Osaji, N. N. (2014). Perception of Economic and Environmental Impact of Christmas Festival/Calabar Carnival in Calabar Metropolis of Cross River State. Journal of Sports and Physical Education, 1(5) 1 - 4
Edim, M. E., Osaji, N. N., & Odok, E. A. (2014). Socio-economic Impact of Tourism on the Development of Calabar, Metropolis of Cross River State, Nigeria. Human Resourse Management Research. 4(1) 1 - 4.

S/N Grant Currency/Amount Grantor Date
Univeristy of Calabar Study Fellowship Naira 100, 000. 00Univesristy of Calabar2011-07-10
Univeristy of Calabar Study FellowshipNaira 100, 000. 00Univesristy of Calabar2016-07-15

S/N Conference Description Started Finished
6th Faculty of Education Conference National Development 2015.Resident's Perception of the Socio-economic Impact of the Obudu Ranch Resort on the people of Obudu - Obanliku Local Government Area in Cross River Statee2015-09-062015-09-11
6th Faculty of Education Conference on Sustainable National Development 2016Effect of Contraceptive Usage among Female Secondary School Students in Ikom Local Government Area, Cross River state, Nigeria. entrepreneurship educators in Universities in Cross River State, Nigeria.2016-09-142016-09-16