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Mrs. Mfoniso Iniobong Udonkang


Medical Laboratory Science


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Mrs. Mfoniso Iniobong Udonkang

Mfoniso joined the University of Calabar as a Graduate Assistant in 2012. She was upgraded to an Assistant Lecturer in 2013 and Lecturer II in 2016. She is a holder of Master of Science degree in Human Anatomy (Histochemistry) in 2016, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Anatomy in 2014 and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science degree in 2009, all from the University of Calabar. Her area of specialty is Histopathology. She is a full time Lecturer in the Department of Medical Laboratory having over 6 years teaching experience with supervision of undergraduate students. She also teaches part time with the Department of Physiotherapy, University of Calabar. She has eighteen publications in local and international journals. She has attended conferences and has presented three papers to her credit. She is an Associate of Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, Graduate member of Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered), member Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium and member of Nigerian Cancer Society. Her community service is in peer education on HIV, cancer and other diseases. Her research interest is in biosafety, infectious diseases and cancer. Key research finding is on the use of bleached palm oil as substitute for xylene in histology. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD degree in Human Genetics and Cytogenetics.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCIkot Imo Government School, Abak19881993
WASSCSaint Mary’s Senior Science College, Ediene Abak, Abak, Akwa Ibom State19961999
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science(Histopathology)University of Calabar, Calabar 20002006
PGD (Anatomy)University of Calabar, Calabar 20122014
M.Sc. Anatomy (Histochemistry)University of Calabar, Calabar (April 2014 to 2016) 20142016

S/N Publication
Udonkang, M. I., Eluwa, M., Inyang-Etoh, P., Inyang, I., Akpantah, A. & Ekanem, T. (2018). Efficacy of histochemical staining techniques in the detection of Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich proteins in blood of children with malaria. Journal of Microbiology and Infectious disease, 8(2), 55-60.
Udonkang, M. I., Eluwa, M., Enun, B. K., Inyang-Etoh, P., & Inyang, I. (2018). Studies on antimalarial activity and liver histopathological changes of Artocarpus altilis on Plasmodium berghi-infected mice. Research Journal of Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences, 4(3), 106-114.
Udonkang, M. I., Umanah, I. A., Inyang, I. & Asemota, E. (2018). Urine cytology among HIV seropositive persons. International Journal of Medical Laboratory Research, 3(2), 23-28.
Inyang-Etoh, P. C., Obi, O. A., & Udonkang, M. I. (2018). Prevalence of hepatitis B, C and D among patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in Calabar metropolis, Nigeria. Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences, 8(1), 17-21.
Inyang, I. J., Udonkang, M., Bassey, I. E., Eyo, A., Anyanwu, S., Asemota, E. & Loveth, O. (2018). Hormonal contraceptive use and the fear of cervical cancer as its affect the Nigerian population growth, International Journal of Medical Laboratory Research, 3(1), 6-14.
Inyang-Etoh, P. C., Ben, G. A., & Udonkang, M. I. (2018). Comparative study of modified centrifuged blood smear, peripheral blood smear and rapid diagnostic test methods in the diagnosis of malaria infection. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 4(10), 80-82.
Udonkang, M. I., Inyang, I. J., Ukorebi, A. N., Effiong, F., Akpan, U., & Bassey, I. E. (2018). Spectrophotometry, Physiochemical Properties, and Histological Staining Potential of Aqueous and Ethanol Extracts of Beetroot on Various Tissues of an Albino Rat. Biomedicine Hub, 3(3), 11-20
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Eluwa, M. A., Asuquo, E. E., Asuquo, O. R., Ekamen, T. B., Amabe, A. O., Udonkang, M. & Amah, S. O. (2017). Histological changes in the cerebellum of adult wistar rats following administration of ethanolic extracts of lemongrass and mango bark. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 4(7), 269-273.
Eluwa, M. A., Anyam, G. T., Asuquo, O. R., Isamoh, T. E., Udonkang, M. I., & Ekanem, T. B. (2017). Teratogenic effect of aqueous leaf extracts of Aspilia Africana on frontal cortex of albino Wistar rats. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 4(9), 52-58.
Inyang, I. J., Fischer, V, Eyo, A. O., & Udonkang, M. I. (2017). Antibacterial activity of ethanolic root extracts of Uvaria charmae on Staphylococcus aureus. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 4(9), 127-130.
Akpantah, A.O., Akpan, U., Eluwa, M., Isamoh, T. E., Udonkang, M., & Ekanem, T. B. (2016). Blood parameters and spleen histology following chronic consumption of ethanolic extract of Costus afer stem and juice on Albino Wistar rats. British Journal of Medicine and Medicinal Research, 13(12), 1-10.
Akpantah, A. O., Ita, I. O., Udo-Affah, G. U., Udonkang, M. I., & Eluwa, M. I. (2016). Cytokeratin protein expression, glycogen concentration and liver enzymes in the rat’s liver Costus Afer. Journal of Anatomical Sciences, 7(2), 68-72.
Akpantah, A.O., Emeka-Emeh, C. M., Eluwa, A., Udonkang, M. I., Isamoh, T. E., & Igiri, A. O. (2016). Pleurotus tuber regium: ethanolic extract improves spatial learning and memory in rats but alters cerebral cytology. Nigerian Journal of neuroscience, 8(1), 15-21.
Eyo, A. O., Inyang, I. J., Udonkang, M. I. & Johnson, D. O. (2015). Urothelial neoplasia as occupational hazard among furniture workers in Calabar, Nigeria, IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, 14(6), 15-19.
Inyang-Etoh, P. C., Anyanwu, C. J., Udonkang, M. I., & Equali, V. I. (2015). Cytological findings in urine of adult residents of urinary schistosomiasis endemic community in Cross River State, British Journal of Medicine and Medicinal Research, 8(11), 948-955.
Inyang-Etoh, P. C., Udonkang, M. I., & Adedeboye, A.E. (2015). Occurrence of Intestinal Parasites among Persons on Highly Active AntiretroviralDrug therapy in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Verterinary Science Development, 5, 57-94.
Udonkang, M. I., Eluwa, M., Ekanem, T.B., Asuquo, O.R., & Akpantah, A.O. (2014). Bleached Palm Oil as Substitute for Xylene in Histology. Journal of Pharmacy and Clinical Sciences, 8, 8-17.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria 42nd Annual Scientific Conference and Workshop on Professionalism in the health sector: achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)2006-08-152006-08-18
NYSC HIV Peer Educator Training Course under the National Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project through the NYSC Scheme2010-03-102010-03-15
Capacity building workshop for academic staff on “Quality Teaching for Quality Learning in Higher Education” by the University of Calabar Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence2013-02-122013-02-13
Training on Malaria Microscopy and Quantitation by Calabar Institute of Tropical Diseases Research and Prevention2013-06-172013-06-21
Data analysis for health and allied professionals using: PASW (SPSS), Epi-info and EXCEL statistical packages by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria2015-07-222015-07-24
The 53rd annual conference and workshop of The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria on Strengthening of medical laboratory services- a panacea for national health agenda, 12-19th November, 2017.2017-11-122017-11-19
The 17th scientific conference and annual general meeting of the Society of Experimental and Clinical Anatomists of Nigeria, on Surface anatomy and aesthetics2018-03-072018-03-10
Workshop by Calabar Institute of Tropical Diseases Research and Prevention on Current concepts in diagnosis, treatment and control of malaria and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) with grant proposal writing2018-03-132018-03-14
The Maiden scientific conference of the Association of Medical laboratory Scientist of Nigeria, Calabar, on Improving Medical Laboratory Practice through innovations and research2018-06-042018-06-05