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Mr. Maxwell-Borjor Achuk Eba


History and International Studies


Lecturer I


[email protected]

About Mr. Maxwell-Borjor Achuk Eba

Maxwell Eba holds Bachelor degrees in History, Religious Studies and Law, from the University of Calabar. He also holds a Bachelor degree (1st Class) in Environmental Education with specialization in Tourism and Eco-Management, from same University. He holds Masters Degrees in History and International Studies and Policy and Administrative Studies (MPAS). He has been engaged in the services of the University of Calabar as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies in August 2008. Maxwell Eba is a multi-disciplinary researcher with special interest in the areas of Environmental History and Tourism Studies. He has published in national and international learned journals. He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Historical Society of Nigeria, Nigeria Professional Teachers Council, Calabar Group of Socialist, Carnival Adjudicators Guild of Nigeria, among others. He is an International Debate and Public Speaking Instructor and Adjudicator and has adjudicated the World, Pan-African and All-Nigeria Universities Debating Championships in Malaysia, Ghana and Nigeria. Maxwell Eba is a Certified Cultural and International Carnival Adjudicator.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
B.A (History) University of Calabar19931998
B.A (Religious Studies) University of Calabar19982005
LLB (LAW) University of Calabar19992004
MA (History and International Studies) University of Calabar19992006
BED (Env. Edu., Tourism and Eco. Mgt) University of Calabar20052008
BL (LAW) University of Calabar20062007

S/N Publication
Nzuanke Samson Fabian, Eba Maxwell-Borjor A., Transnationalism and Aspects of the History of Translation Practice: From Antiquity to Early 21st Century. Published in Lwati. A Journal of Contemporary Research. 14.4 2017:232-239
Imbua David, Eba Maxwell Humanistic Intellectuals and Pan-Africanism: The Imperative for a Renaissance in the Black Atlantic. Published in Ibom Journal of History and International Studies. 16.2 2017:242-207.
Eba Maxwell-Borjor, Boypa Egbe; Elvis Okorn, Commonwealth of Nations: Living Memories. in SOPHIA, An African Journal of Philosophy and Public Affairs, 16.1 2015:222-228
Enu, D. B.; Eba, Maxwell B.A., “Teaching for Democracy in Nigeria: A Paradigm Shift”. Journal of Higher Education Studies, 4.3 2014:64-71
Edame, G. E.; Effiong, C. E.; Eba, Maxwell B.A., “Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources Management: A Panacea for Sustainable Development in Nigeria”. In Academic Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies. 3.4 2014:373-386
Eba, Maxwell - Borjor Achuk, “The Calabar Christmas Festival in transition: A Paradigm Shift in Tourism Development in Nigeria”. In The Leajon, an academic Journal of Inter-disciplinary studies, 5.2 2014:191-206
Eba, Maxwell - Borjor Achuk, “Tourism in Nigeria: Past, Present and Future”. In The Leajon, an academic journal of intern-disciplinary studies, 6.1 2014:128-137.
Eba, Maxwell - Borjor Achuk, “Nigeria’s democratization Process and the Challenge of Political Corruption: Policy Options for Solution”. In The Leajon, an academic Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies, 6.1 2014:155-166.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
International conference on air safety, international business investment, tourism, immigration and info-tech in Africa and Asia.2009-03-262009-03-27
NDDC conference on evaluation and assessment of NDDC budget implementation: 1999-2010- Port Harcourt 2010-07-152010-07-19
The Calabar Study Group International Conference (2013) The Calabar Christmas Festival in transition: A Paradigm Shift in Tourism Development in Nigeria.2013-07-102013-07-10
World Universities Debating Championship (Malaysia 2014) on Environmental Movements and Climate Engineering (UniversitiTeknologi, MARA, Malaysia). 2014-12-292015-01-08