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Dr. Margaret Sylvanus Umoh


Library and Information Science


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Dr. Margaret Sylvanus Umoh

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S/N Publication
Umoh, M. S. & Josiah, S. O. (2019). Library managers: Role and Library staff job satisfaction as embodiment of value in South-South Zone. Federal University Libraries. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology,16 (1),117 – 124.
Umoh, M. S. & Josiah, S. O. (2019). Library conceptual, planning skills and library managers in University Libraries in South South Zone, Nigeria. The Information Technologist: an International Information Technology (ICT), 16 (1), 239 – 243.
Inyokwe, F. E. & Umoh, M. S. (2016).Towards Improving Security Measures in Nigeria University Libraries. Information Technology Journal,13 (2),39 – 45.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Workshop on professional values and empowerment for academic staff Organized by centre for Teaching and Learning Experience, University of Calabar, in collaboration with Degracem consult and Services Limited. Date:15th – 16th August, 2012. Venue: U2012-08-152012-08-16
Conference on Knowledge integration for National Development. Organized by Faculty of Education, University of Calabar. Calabar Date: 3rd – 5th September, 2015. Venue: Senate Chambers, University of Calabar2015-09-032015-09-05
Annual seminar/worshshop on Implementing RDA in Nigeria Libraries: Practical steps towards visibility of the Nigeria Library Association. Organized by Nigerian Library Association. Date: 23rd – 28th October, 2016. Venue: E-library, University of Ca2016-10-232016-10-28
3rd Conference of Certified Librarians in Nigeria. Organized by Librarian’s Registration Council of Nigeria. Date: 7th – 11th November, 2016; Venue: National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) Obasanjo Space Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.2016-11-072016-11-11
National Worskshop on Application on free and open source software (FOSS) in library operations. Organi9zed by librarians’ Registration Council of Nigeria. Date: 22nd – 27th July, 2017. Venue: Unical elibary, Calabar2017-07-222017-07-27