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Mr. Joseph Odey


Pure and Applied Chemistry


Assistant Lecturer


[email protected]

About Mr. Joseph Odey

Mr. Joseph Odey was awarded a B.Sc. degree in Polymer, and Textile Science and Technology in 2012 and an M.Sc. degree in Colour Chemistry/Material both from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. Upon graduation, he went through the compulsory National Youth Service co with the Golden Giant Industry and was retained as a full staff in recognition for his excellent performance in the industry which he worked till 2018 before joining the service of the University of Calabar as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Sciences. His research direction focuses on but not limited to, Polymer/Materials Chemistry, Dye/Pigment Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Theoretical Chemistry, Photochemistry, Composite Materials. Water Purification, Fibre and Colour Chemistry to solving scientific problems. He is fully involved in teaching, practical, and research at the university. Currently, he is the Departmental Student Industrial Works Experience Scheme (SIWES)/Industrial Liaison Officer. He is a member of the Institute for Engineering Research and Publication, Chemical Society of Nigeria, Association of Textile Technologists of Nigeria, Polymer Institute of Nigeria, Materials Science and Technology Society of Nigeria, Science Association of Nigeria, Textile Researchers Association of Nigeria. He has published articles in both local and international journals. He has attended both local and international conferences where he made presentations and other useful contributions in his area.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
B. Sc. Textile Science and TechnologyAhmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria20062010
M. Sc. Colour Chemistry/MaterialsAhmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria20142016

S/N Publication
Odey, J. O., Louis, H., Agwupuye, J. A., Moshood, Y. L., Bisong, E. A., & Brown, O. I. (2021). Experimental and theoretical studies of the electrochemical properties of mono azo dyes derived from 2-nitroso-1-naphthol, 1-nitroso-2-naphthol, and CI disperse yellow 56 commercial dye in dye-sensitized solar cell. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1241, 130615.
Louis, H., Onyebuenyi, I. B., Odey, J. O., Igbalagh, A. T., Mbonu, M. T., Eno, E. A, & Offiong, O. E. (2021). Synthesis, characterization, and theoretical studies of the photovoltaic properties of novel reactive azonitrobenzaldehyde derivatives. RSC Advances, 11(45), 28433-28446. DOI: 10.1039/D1RA05075C
Obu, Q. S., Louis, H., Odey, J. O., Eko, I. J., Abdullahi, S., Ntui, T. N., & Offiong, O. E. (2021). Synthesis, Spectra (FT-IR, NMR) investigations, DFT study, in silico ADMET and Molecular docking analysis of 2-amino-4-(4-aminophenyl) thiophene-3-carbonitrile as a potential anti-tubercular agent. Journal of Molecular Structure, 130880.
Louis, H., Enudi, O. C., Odey, J. O., Onyebuenyi, I. B., Igbalagh, A. T., Unimuke, T. O., & Ntui, T. N. (2021). Synthesis, characterization, DFT, and TD-DFT studies of (E)-5-((4, 6-dichloro-1, 3, 5-triazin-2-yl) amino)-4-hydroxy-3-(phenyldiazenyl) naphthalene-2, 7-diylbis (hydrogen sulfite). SN Applied Sciences, 3(7), 1-14.

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