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Dr. Jacob Udayi Agba


Mass Communication


Lecturer I


[email protected]

About Dr. Jacob Udayi Agba

I, Dr. Jacob Udayi Agba hails from Obudu in Cross River State, Nigeria. I am currently a senior Lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication and Digital Media, University of Calabar. I also teach in the Department of Mass communication, Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, where I have been teaching for the last fifteen years. Prior to my appointment as a university lecturer, I worked as a broadcaster for fifteen years and rose to the rank of a Principal Producer with the Cross River Broadcasting Corporation. As part of my participation in university administration, I have served as postgraduate coordinator, Department of Mass Communication, Cross River University of Technology, Graduate School Rep., Faculty of Communication Technology, Cross River University of Technology, present Acting Dean, Faculty of Communication Technology, Cross River University of Technology, Member, postgraduate Committee, Department Of Theatre and Media Studies, University of Calabar, member, Committee for the setting of the Department of Mass Communication, University of Calabar among other responsibilities. I hold the Ph.D in Media Arts from the university of Calabar. I also hold the Master of Arts in Media and communication Studies from the same university. Prior to these qualifications, I attended the university of Cross River State, now University of Uyo and the Calabar Polytechnic where I obtained the Bachelor of Arts Honours degree In communication Arts and Mass Communication, respectively. I also attended Government Secondary School, Obudu and St. Charles’ Primary School where I obtained the General Certificate of Education “O” level and the First School Leaving Certificate, respectively. I have enjoyed grants from both the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Cross River State Government. In 2010 as part of the celebration to mark Nigeria’s fifty years as an independent nation, I was given a special award by the Cross river State Government in recognition of my contribution to both the nation and the state. I am currently a Knight of the Catholic Church in the order of St. Molumba. I have also been given different honours by at least, three catholic churches in Calabar Archdiocese. I have taught in the Departments of Mass Communication, Cross River University of Technology, Theatre and Media Studies, now Theatre, Film and Carnival Studies, University of Calabar, Linguistics and Communication, University of Calabar, and Mass Communication and Digital Media, universities of Calabar. I have served as Deputy Editor, CRUTECH Journal of Communication, Associate Editor, Image Journal in the United States and Associate Editor, Journal of Arts and Society also in the U.S.A. I have supervised more than twenty postgraduate students and mentored many in research engagements. I have attended many conferences and presented papers including the African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) Conferences, Association of Communication Scholars and professionals (ASCPN) Conferences, Conference of Arts in the Society among others. I presently belong to professional associations like African Council for Communication Education, Association of Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations among others. I currently have twenty-seven publications in reputable international and local journals including one book chapter and three books.

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S/N Publication
Jacob Udayi Agba. “The Performing Arts and the Carnival, Calabar: Implications for Human Rights Protection in Nigeria”. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 11, Issue 4. May,-Jun. 2013), pp.04-12.
Jacob Udayi Agba (2012). “An Analysis of Audience Perception of Nollywood Film”. A Journal of Media and Communication. Volume 3, April. Pp.79/96.
Agba, J. U. and N. Brown (2012). “Strategies in Educational Broadcast”. CRUTECH Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (JOSET) Vol. 1, No. 2, December. Pp. 35-42.
Jacob U. Agba (2012). Selected Topical Issues in the History of Nigerian Mass Media. Calabar: University of Calabar Press. This Fourteen-chapter book has carefully selected relevant topics and issues in the history of the Nigerian mass media to guide students and teachers of the discipline.
Jacob U. Agba (2011). “Radio Drama as an Art Form of Education” in Theatre Studies Review Vol. 6 No. 1 pp. 52-73.
Jacob U. Agba and Patrick U. Ineji (2011). Audience Perception of Nollywood Films. LWATI A Journal of Contemporary Research Vol. 8, Issue I. pp. 259-271.
Jacob U. Agba and James E. Olayi (2011). English and the Computer Technology: The Nigerian Situation. Annals of Humanities and Development Studies, 2 (1), pp. 107-121.
Jacob U. Agba and James E. Olayi (2011). “The Inclusion of the Visually Impaired in Film Experience” the international Journal of the Arts in Society Volume 6, Issue 4, pp. 169-184 Champaign, Illinois: Common Ground Publishing LLC (
Jacob U. Agba. “Liberation of the Oppressed: Nwamuo’s Analysis of Early Poetics of Society” Chapter 7, p. 68-73 in Ajibade, Babson and Esekon H. Andrew (eds). (2010).
Jacob U. Agba (2008). “Globalization and Alternative Development Paradigm for Africa” in West African Association of commonwealth Literature & Language Studies, Vol. 2, No. 2. Pp. 38-61.
Jacob Udayi Agba (2006). Radio and Community Theatre in Rural Development. This book was developed from my Master’s Degree thesis, titled: Potentials of Radio and Community Theatre in Rural Development; completed in 2005.
Jacob Udayi Agba (2006). Introduction to Community Broadcasting. This is an eight chapter book which reviews the situation of community radio and television ownership and operation in Nigeria. The book reveals that community broadcasting has not taken off in Nigeria

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Conference on African literature and English LanguageConference on African literature and English Language (ICALEL). Paper presented – English Language and the Computer Culture: The Nigerian Situation (May 13-16, 2010).2010-05-132010-05-16
Arts in the Society ConferenceArts in the Society Conference, July 13-16, 2012 in Liverpool, U.K. Paper Presented: “The Performing Arts and the Carnival Calabar: Implications for Human Right Protection in Nigeria.2012-07-132012-07-16
The 16th ACCE Conference in UNICALThe 16th ACCE Conference in UNICAL, October 28-31, 2015; Paper presented: Rumour Implications in Citizen Journalism: A Study of 2015 General Elections in Nigeria.2015-10-282015-10-31
17th ACCE conference in Port Harcourt17th ACCE conference in Port Harcourt, October 28-31, 2016- paper presented: The Role of Strategic Media Advocacy in Enhancing Sustainable Economic Development through Active Youths’ Participation in Agriculture in Nigeria.2016-10-282016-10-28
ACCE 19th National Conference/AGMACCE 19th National Conference/AGM, October 31-Nov.3, 2017; NIPSS Kuru, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Papers Presented I.Rethinking Journalism Education in Nigeria in the 21st Century: An Assessment of Training Curricula of Selected Nigerian Universities and ii.Implications of Gender Issues in Persuasive Broadcast Journalism: A Study of Selected Broadcast Media Channels in Calabar Metropolis2017-10-312017-11-03