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Dr. Francis Bassey Awatt


Institute Of Public Policy and Administration


Senior Research Fellow


[email protected]

About Dr. Francis Bassey Awatt

Dr. Francis Bassey Awatt is a Research Fellow and a Lecturer in the Institute of Public Policy and Administration (IPPA) at the University of Calabar. He is an erudite scholar with profound knowledge and interest in education and an authority on University administration from the United States of America (USA). He holds a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration with a bent in Marketing and an MBA degree in Management, graduating on top of his class from Lincoln University, USA. Dr. Awatt was also awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering (BSPE) and Mathematics from Texas Tech University, USA - a leading school in Petroleum Engineering in the USA and the world, and the only Petroleum Engineering College in the world with oil and gas rig on its soil. Dr. Awatt also holds a M.Sc. degree in Economics with a bent in Agriculture - this M.Sc. was a Ph.D. program, but Dr. Awatt withdrew from the University after completing his course work following the death of his father in 1991. In addition, Dr. Awatt also holds a Ph.D degree in Political Science with a bent in Public Administration [Pol. Scn. (Public Admin.)] from the University of Calabar, also graduating on top of his class. At Lincoln University, Dr. Awatt bagged a National Membership award of DELTA MU DELTA – a National Honour Society in Business Administration in American Universities due to his classroom achievements and subsequently appointed by the University as the first African to head the Loan Department of the University. Dr. Awatt was given two and a half years to reconcile the high default rate of the University’s loan program which was at a 45% level during his interview for the job, but he used only seven months to bring down the rate to 11% below the 15% requirement of the United States (US) Department of Education for all Universities. He also updated all the loan accounts of the University to meet the Department of Education standard - a remarkable achievement that confirmed his MBA qualification as the best graduating student of his class, raising the University student enrollment the next semester for reactivating the suspended loan program of the University. At Texas Tech University, Dr. Awatt was also inducted into PI EPSILON TAU - a National Petroleum Engineering Honour Society in American Universities and was also subsequently recommended by the College of Engineering of the University for the US President’s Congressional Intern Scholarship in Washington, D.C. - a rare achievement for an African students studying in the US. Dr. Francis Awatt was also a member of the Detroit Board of Education in 1997-2000 and because of his interest in social and political process to help people, he also accepted to teach Mathematics in Detroit Public Schools. He joined the University of Calabar in 2014 as a Research Fellow II and a Lecturer and chose to do proposals to the Federal Government on Economic Development and Diversification issues as he was not to be credited with journal publications by his Institute. His writings include: Niger Delta Subjected To Modern Slavery, Turns a Ghost Region and Faces a Possible Extinction after Oil; Oil Depletion, Unbalanced Regional Development, and The Oil City, Niger Delta (Braaid De Delta); The Proposed Nigerian Eastern Railway from Akwa Ibom State through Calabar to the North. Before joining the University of Calabar, Dr. Awatt was running a Public Policy Consulting firm–Frankwatt International limited, providing advisory services and input support services to communities and local government areas in Cross River State. Back in 1988, Dr. Awatt was a guess and conference speaker during the Nigerian Independent conference activity at Lincoln University in the United States. He is also a recipient of many academic honours and awards in the USA, including a US National Science Foundation Scholarships to encourage diversity in engineering. Dr. Awatt was also appointed student’s Peer Mentor at Texas Tech University for four years and was one of the University’s better student’s Peer Mentors. Students Peer Mentors represent an elite group of engineering students at the University and Dr. Awatt was at the top of the elite list of the Peer Mentors. He is a technically sound academician; he leads well and works well with people. According to Professor Bassey E. Ate – a Harvard University and University of Columbia Professor, Rtd., during the defense of Dr. Awatt’s Ph.D thesis (Topic: The Petroleum Act of 1969, Oil Conflicts, and Underdevelopment in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria), he made a pronouncement that, Dr. Awatt’s thesis was the first original work he ever supervised at the University of Calabar in the years he served the University as External Examiner. Dr. Awatt achievements traverse across many fields, including Sports–football and tennis, writing on the Degradation of Environments, Public Policy Consultancy services, Fairness to students in Education and Advisory services to Government. Dr. Francis B. Awatt is a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers, USA. He has three grown children in the United States of America. He is widely travelled and civilized.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCSacred hearth Primary School, Calabar19641970
WASCSt Patrick College, Calabar19721977
B.Sc in Business Administration(Marketing)Lincoln University, USA19831986
MBA (Management)Lincoln University, USA19871988
M.Sc in EconomicsUniversty of kentucky, USA19891991
B.Sc. in (Petroleum Engineering & Mathematics)Texas Tech University, USA 20002005
Ph.D in Political Science(Public Administration)University of Calabar, Calabr20072012

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