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Dr. Ephraim Peter Inyang




Lecturer I


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About Dr. Ephraim Peter Inyang

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S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving CertificateSt Andrew's Primary School, Nto Edino, Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria19791985
SSCSt Columbanus's Secondary Secondary, ikwen, Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria19851991
B.Sc. (Hons) PhysicsUniversity of Uyo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria19941999
M.Sc. Nuclear PhysicsObafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria20042006
PhD Nuclear PhysicsObafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria20072010
Post Graduate Diploma in EducationObafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria20072008

S/N Publication
Inyang E.P., Inyang E.P., & Latif, M.B., (2019), A correlation : TL response of Synthetic fused quartz with gamma (high dose) source and beta (low dose) source. Bulletin of pure and Applied Sciences, 1, 06-12.
Inyang E.P., ,Inyang, E.P., Ushie, P.O., & William, E.S., & Oteikwu, G.A., (2018), Measurement of Electric field Radiation from 11KVA High Tension power line and its Environmental Effect in Calabar metropolis, Nigeria. Physical Science International, 18, 1-6.
Inyang, E.P., Valentine N.H., & Ekechukwu, C.C., (2018), Assessment of the effect of Temperature and Rainfall in Agriculture in Nigeria SSRG International. Journal of Agriculture & Environmental Science, 5, 21-25.
Ushie, P.O., Pekene, D.B., Edet, C.O., & Inyang, E.P., (2017), Comparative Investigation of Specific Energy Absorption rate on Biological Tissues using field measurement and comparative Analysis. Transactions of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, 3, 255-262.
Inyang E.P., Inyang, E.P., & William E.S., (2017), Assessment of the Exposure of Radio frequency Radiation from Wi-Fi ,Routers in Calabar metropolis, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Scientific Research, 16, 490-494.
Inyang,E.P., Shittu, K. A., & Akinbola, G.E ., (2014), Analysis of soil physical properties and saturated hydraulic conductivity levels of Valley Bottom Land on the Basement Complex. World Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 6, 26-36.
Oketayo, O.O., Utazi, C., Inyang, E.P., Akinwale, D., & Akinnubi, R.T., (2014), Influence of Blood pressure and some physiological parameters of Health importance on Adolescent’s. Academi performance international Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 5, 1240-1250
Okotayo, O.O., Inyang, E.P., Akinwande , D.D., Makinde, W.O., & Adelakum, A. O., (2014), Elemental and mitrate Analyses of underground waters around automobile and the associated Asliedartism workshops in Ondo,Ondo State, Nigeria. International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research, 2, 42-50.
Akpan I.O., Thompson E.A., & Inyang E.P., (2013), Elemental concentration in sediments along Cross River in Cross Riverstate Nigeria. World Journal of Applied Science and Technology 5, 123-129.
Inyang E.P., ,Akpan I.O., & Obiajunwa E. I., (2013), Investigation of soils affected by burnt hospital wastes in Nigeria using PIXE. Springerplus, 2, 15-21.
Inyang E.P., Oketayo O.O., Obiajunwa E.I., (2012), Proton induced X-ray emission analysis of soils with various length of fallow. The effect on soil total elemental composition. Soil & Tillaye Research, 124, 178-182.
Inyang E.P., Taleatu, B.A., Oketayo, O.O., Mokobia C.E., Adrodi R.A., & Balogun F.A., (2011), Characterizing thermoluminescence properties of calcium Halophosphate Fluorescent coating power for Radiation. Dosimetry.J. Environ Science & Engg. 53, 1-6
Oketayo, O.O., Ojo,O.O., Inyang E.P., Adenodi, R.A., Akinluyi,F.O., & Akinnubi, R.T., (2010), The Effect of Body weight, Percentage Body fat and Body Mass Index on Adolescent Academic Performance, Nature and Science 8(6), 36-42
Mokobia C.E., Ogundare F.O., Inyang E.P., Balogun F.A., & Jonah S.A., (2008), Determination of the elemental constituents of a natural dolerite using NIRR-1. Applied Radiation and Isotopes , 66, 1916-1919
Inyang E.P., Ogundare F.O., & Balogun, F.A., (2007), Effect of pre-Heat Temperature on the TL Glow curve of fused Quartz. Ife Journal of science, 9 ,71-75.
Fasasi, A.Y., Balogun F.A, Fasasi M .K, Ogunleye P.0.,Mokobia C.E & Inyang, E. P., (2006), Thermoluminesescence properties of barium titanate prepared by Solid-state reaction. Sensors and Acentuators,135, 598-601

S/N Grant Currency/Amount Grantor Date
Grant for the attendance on the workshop on nuclear data for science and technology :medical application NGN754,980. 92The Adbus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics 2007-07-10
Grant for attendance of 14th international conference on particle induced x-ray emissionNGN150,897. 98NRF/iThemba LABS 2015-03-23

S/N Conference Description Started Finished
2nd Annual Conference of Material Society of Nigeria, held at EMDI Akure,Inyang E.P. (2003). The application of Accelerators to Environmental studies2003-11-132003-11-15
3rd Annual Conference of Material Society of Nigeria held at university of Lagos, 2004-11-202004-11-23
27th Annual Conference of Nigeria Institute of Physics held Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife , 2005-08-232005-08-27
3rd International Conference of Experimental Biology held at Delta State University Abraka Inyang E. P., Mokobia C. E., & Balogun, F. A., (2006), The Potential Of Silica Glass As A TL Dosimeter in Clinical Application2006-01-202006-01-23
International workshop on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology: Medical Application held at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Miramare, Trieste – Italy 2007-11-122007-11-23
1st Annual international conference of Chemical Society of Nigeria held at Obafemi Awolowo university Ile IfeInyang E.P., Makinde O. W., & Amuho U.E., (2008), Survey of Heavy Metal Contents in some Selected Well Water in Ondo East, Southwest Nigeria2008-07-272008-07-29
31st Annual Conference of Nigerian Institute of Physics held at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri: Inyang, E. P., Nwankpa, A. C., Oketayo, O. O., Akinwande, D. D., & Balogun, F. A., (2008).The Glow Shape and Response of Soda lime Glass – Effect of Grain Size. 2008-10-152008-10-18
5th International Conference of Africa Material Research Society and Nigeria Material Congress held at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja Inyang, E. P., Latif, M. B., Fasasi, M. K., Eleruja M.A., & Balogun, F. A., (2009), A Correlational Study of TL Response of Fused Quartz with 60Co gamma (high) dose source and 90Sr / 90Y Beta (low) dose Source2009-12-142009-12-18