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Mrs. Eno Donatus Uwah


Agricultural Economics


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Mrs. Eno Donatus Uwah

Eno Uwah is an intelligent, opinionated and curious minded person who is eager to learn and experiment new things, versatile in all aspects of life, committed to my duties/roles to project any good course. She is a compassionate, sociable and outgoing person, most importantly, she trusts in God to lead her one day at a time. Eno Uwah joined the services of University of Calabar in 2012 as an Assistant Lecturer. She was promoted to the rank of Lecturer II in October 2016. She obtained a B. Agriculture degree in Agricultural Economics (1997) and an M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Economics in 2008 all from the University of Calabar, Nigeria. Her main area of specialisation is Environmental and Resource Economics. She is deeply involved in the teaching of students and research at the under graduate level. Teaching, mentoring and interacting with the students, collaborating with and learning from her colleagues are exciting and mentally stimulating experiences she looks forward to on a daily basis. She has published over four articles spread across local and foreign peer reviewed journals. Eno Uwah has been participating in conferences, workshops and seminars where she has been making presentations. She is a member of many professional bodies including Farm Management Association of Nigeria and others. She is married with children.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCCharles Walker International Nursery/ Primary School, Calabar, Cross River State19741981
WASCFederal Government Girls College, Owerri, Imo State19811986
WASC/GCESchool of Arts and Sciences, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State 19861988
B.Ag. Agric Economics and ExtensionUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State19901997
M. Sc. Agric Economics and ExtensionUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State20042008

S/N Publication
Edet, O. G., Agbachom, E. E., & Uwah, E. D. (2019) The Effect of Micro credit on Technical Efficiency of small holder Rice Farmers in Ikot Ekpne Agricultural zone, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Global journal of Agricultural Sciences, 18, 73-85
Itam, K. O., Uwah, E. D., & Nwofoke, C. (2019). Effects of climate variability and change on oil palm production in Cross River Rain Forest Region of Nigeria. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspective, 8(2), 165-177.
Edet, E. O., Uode, P. O., & Uwah, E. D. (2018). Costs and Returns Analysis of Fish Farming in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria. Local Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 17, 23-31
Uwah, E. D., Arigo, A.J., Igiri, J. A. & Ekong, J. U. (2017). Empirical Analysis of Egg Production Functions: A Case Study of Ikot Ekpene and Uyo Metropolis of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 17(4), 1-7.
Agbachom, E. E., Uwah, E. D., & Edet, O. G. (2017). Economics of Raphia hookeri Palm Wine Production in Aningeje, Akamkpa Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Science, Engineering & Technology, 4(2), 1-5
Enimu, Igiri, I. A, Edet, G. O., Ofem, I. U., & Uwah, E. (2017). Evaluating the Dynamics and Marketing Efficiency of Palm Oil in Delta State, Nigeria. International journal of contemporary Research and Review, 8(6), 20202-20210.
Nkanang, U.N., Udom, D. S., & Uwah, E. D. (2010). Supply Response of Pullet Chicks in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. South East Journal of Agricultural Economics and Extension, 8(1&2), 84-87.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
7th International conference on Rice for food, Market and Development, Abuja, Nigeria.Agbacom, E., Ettah, O. i., Amalu, M., and Uwah, E. D. Factors Influencing Rice Improvement and Quality Assurance of Home Grown Rice. 2019-07-222019-07-24
7th U6+ Consortium of African Universities International Conference. Held at the University of Calabar. Agachom, E., Onabe, M., Uwah, E., Amalu, M., & Ettah, O. Economic Impact and Technology Application in Honey Production in Niger Delta Region, Nigeria. 2019-09-012019-09-06