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Mr. Ekpo Omini Ekpo-Eloma


Curriculum & Teaching


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Mr. Ekpo Omini Ekpo-Eloma

Mr. Ekpo-Eloma joined the services of the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria in 2011 as Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, University of Calabar. He holds B. Ed. (Adult Education) and MPA degrees from University of CaIabar. He was awarded M. Sc (Ed.) Educational Technology by the Univrsity of Uyo, Uyo Nigeria in 2008. he has been teaching and contributing to the graduation of students in the University. Mr Ekpo-Eloma served the Department of Curriculum and Teaching as Coordinator, Educational Technology (NUC) programme between 2012 and 2015. He also served as Faculty Secretary, Faculty of Education Teaching Practice Committee between 2012 to 2018. Mr Ekpo has attended many conference and published in both local and international journals.he is a member of the Educational Media and Technology Association of Nigeria and Curriculum Conference of Nigeria. He has a special bias in Instructional material Design, Production and Utilization as well as Broadcasting and Scripting for the Media.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving certificatePresbyterian primary school Agoi Ibami19701975
WassceArts and Science Uyo19751980
B.eD in Adult Educational University of Calabar 19871991
Masters in Public AdministrationUniversity of Calabar19941997
Masters in Educational TechnologyUniversity of Uyo20052008
Ph.d (inview) Educational TechnologyUniversity Of Nigeria20102019

S/N Publication
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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
1st International Conference on Education in the Information AgeGlobal Challenges and Enhancement Strategies2006-06-172016-06-21
29th Annual Convention/International Conference on Shifting Paradigms in the Teaching Function in an ICT eraImplications for the Attainment of Quality Education in Nigeria organized by Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology2008-09-082008-09-12
29th Annual Convention/International Conference on Shifting Paradigms in the Teaching Function in an ICT era: Implications for the Attainment of Quality Education in Nigeria organized by Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology – LEnhancing Teachers’ Competence in an Information and Communication Technology driven Environment.2008-09-082008-09-12
2nd Teachers’ Professional Development Workshop organized by State Universal Basic Education Board Improvisation of Instructional Materials for Primary Schools.2010-04-052010-04-17
ICT Tools – Nigeria Association for Educational Media and TechnologyStudents’ Perception of the use of Social Networking Web-based Tools for Instructional Delivery among Undergraduate Students.2012-10-082012-10-12
Conference on Education and Contemporary Issues organized by Faculty of Education, University of CalabarMobile Phones and Academic Performance of Undergraduate students of NOUN2014-09-022014-09-05