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Mr. Ekomobong Archimedes Okpo




Assistant Lecturer


[email protected]

About Mr. Ekomobong Archimedes Okpo

Mr Okpo, Ekomobong Archimedes is an Assistant Lecturer in the department of microbiology, faculty of biological sciences, university of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. He holds a Master’s degree in Pathogenic and Public Health Microbiology. He is an erudite scholar and a researcher with major research interest in Pathogenic and Public Health Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology (Pharmaceutical) and Environmental Microbiology. He has carried out many scientific research which includes, Studies on the distribution of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Hospitals, Pharmacies and Patent medicine shops located in Calabar Metropolis (B.Sc), Bacteriological quality of chloroquine syrups sold in Calabar Municipality (P.GD) and Antibiotic susceptibility profile of bacterial isolates from liquid waste and waste dump soil of hospitals in Calabar Metropolis, South-South Nigeria (M.Sc). He is a reviewer for some reputable international journals and has published many research articles in reputable international journals. He is a member of many professional bodies which includes; Member Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM), Member American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and Member Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM).

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCQ.I.C. Group School Efa, Etinan L.G. A, Akwa Ibom State19881994
SSCE-WAECAkwa Ibom State College of Arts and Science Ukim Ikono 19962002
B.Sc MicrobiologyUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria20052009
PGD MicrobiologyUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria.20152016
M.Sc. Pathogenic and Public Health Microbiology University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria.20162018

S/N Publication
Martin, M. F., Okpo, E. A. & Andy, I. E. (2019). Microbial amylases: A review. World News of Natural Sciences, 22: 174 - 179.
. Martin, M. F., Okpo, E. A. & Andy, I. E. (2019). Production of amylase by the intestinal microflora of cultured freshwater fishes (Oreochromis niloticus and Clarias gariepinus) rared locally in Calabar, south Nigeria. World News of Natural Sciences, 23: 13 - 23.
Andy, I. E. & Okpo, E. A. (2019). Plasmid Profile Analysis and Curing of Multidrug Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Hospitals Waste Dump site in Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 6 (5), 54 - 61.
Okpo, E. A. & Andy, I. E. (2019). Molecular identification of strains of multidrug resistant bacteria (MDRB) isolated from waste dump soil and liquid waste in Hosptials within Calabar metropolis. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 10(5), 1640 - 1658.
Andy, I. E., Okpo, E. A., Tiku, D. R. & Mboto, C. I. (2019). Molecular characterization of ESBLs producing organism causing antibacterial drug resistance in South-South Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 10(6), 109 - 118.
Andy, I. E. & Okpo, E. A. (2018). Occurrence and Antibiogram of Bacteria Isolated from Effluent and Waste Dump Site Soil of Selected Hospitals in Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria. Microbiology Research Journal International, 25(5), 1 - 9.
Andy, I. E. & Okpo, E. A. (2018). Prevalence of potential nosocomial bacterial pathogens in liquid waste and waste dump soil of three major hospitals in Calabar Metropolis, South- South, Nigeria. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 7 (17), 134 – 147.
Okpo, E. A., Mboto C. I. & Agbo B. E. (2016). Bacteriological Quality of Chloroquine Syrup Sold in Calabar Municipality, Nigeria. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, 7 (6), 2586-90.

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