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Prof. Edde Iji Edde


Theatre and Media Studies




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About Prof. Edde Iji Edde

NYSC, Makurdi (1976-1977), and was enployed as Graduate Asst. (1978-1979) and rose to the rank of Professor (2009 - Date). He holds BA (Hons.) Theatre and Media (1976); MA, Ph.D, UW-Madison, Wisconsin USA (1979-1983). He has a number of Publications, Books and Conferences to his Credit. He also has awards and Honours. Research Projects:are : Masters Theses and Ph.D Dissertations 1981 and 1983 respectively and Talks: Numerous Keynote Addresses forming my 8th book: keynotes: Nigerian Culture, National Question. He is a member of Professional Associations: ANA, SONTA and FASHANU.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCSt. Christopher’s Primary School, Okpudu, Okpoma, Yala, CRS. 19601961
West African School Certificate (1964-1969) (WAESC) [Grade Two] St. Augustine’s Seminary, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State19641967
Higher School Certificate (HSC)Mary Knoll Higher School, Okuku - Yala, C.R.S. 19701971
Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Honours Upper Class) Theatre Arts Broadcasting & Film Studies University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria 19731976
Master of Arts (M.A.) Theatre & Drama/Communication Arts University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria 19791981
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D): Comparative Theatre & Drama/Communication Arts University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A.19821983

S/N Publication
Iji, Edde and Bojor Enamhe. “Enhancing Human Development Through Realignment of Communication Tripod: Proxemics, Kinetics and Cybernetics”, Lwatti Journal of Contemporary Research, 9 2012:281 – 292.
Iji, Edde and Moses O. Umukoro. “Impact of Theory on the Development of Drama and Theatre: A periscopi survey”, Lwatti Journal of Contemporary Research, 8(I) 2011:167-183.
Iji, Edde and Moses O. Umukoro. “Introducing Esiaba Irobi and August Boal to Nigerian Pupil Playwrights and Critics”, Lwatti Journal of Contemporary Research, 8(2) 2011:140 – 152.
Iji, Edde. “Translation, Principles and Application in Theatre and Media Studies”, in LWATTI, A Journal Of Contemporary Research, 6(2) 2009:178 – 197.
Iji, Edde. “Dramatic Theories and Criticism: Impetus for Creative Intellection”, in LWATTI, A Journal of Contemporary Research, 6(1) 2009: 214 – 232.
Iji, Edde. “Dramatic Theory and Criticism As Impetus for Creative Intellection”, In Global Journal of Humanity, 6(1&2) 2007:17- 28.
Iji, Edde and Grace Ama. “Media Deregulation in Nigeria as Dividends of Democratic Impetus”, In Culture and Politics. VIII(4) 2007: 6 – 126.
Iji, Edde. “The Business of Theatre and the Theatre of Business’, in Global Journal of Humanity, Vol. 5(1 & 2) 2006::35 – 42.
Iji, Edde. “Henshaw’s Enough Is Enough As Rhetorical Residues of Nigeria Civil War”, in Sankofa, Journal of Humanities, 3(2) 2005:40 – 62.
Iji, Edde. “Saro-Wiwa’s Sardonic Humours Captured in four farcical plays”, in Global Journal of Humanities, 2 (1 & 2) 2003:15 – 23.
Iji, Edde. “Crises and Conflict in Nigeria: A Literary Examination of Dominant Themes”, in Global Journal of Humanities, 1 & 2 2003: 49 – 57.
Iji, Edde. “The American Minstrels and Caricature of African- American Image: A Legacy of Harmful Stereotype”, in Journal of Creative Arts, 2(1 & 2) 2001:1-10.
Iji, Edde. “Pierre Munier’s Tragic-Comic Vision and the Nigerian Theatre” in ASE…Journal of Contemporary Nigeria Life and Literature, University of Calabar/UI, Ibadan: Ase, 1995:51 – 62.
Iji, Edde. “Wole Soyinka and Predecessors: Deviation, Conformism and Non-Conformism”, in The Literary Criterion, A Dhvanyaloka Quarterly Mysore – 570006, XXIII, 1(2) 1988:131 – 145.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP)’s Conference on International Theatre Day (ITD) 25th March, 1994, Culture Centre, Calabar, Calabar. Paper presented, already modified and published.1994-03-251994-03-25
17th Convocation Ceremony of the Calabar Polytechnic, 25th May, 1996, as Guest Lecturer, with paper titled: Human Communication and Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria (already adapted and published).1996-05-251996-05-25
10. Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, in conjunction with Pastor Coco-Bassey Consult, 11th September, 1997 1997-09-111997-09-11
11. National Workshop, organized by Nigerian Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, Easter Zone, 9th March, 2000 Metropolitan Hotel, Calabar2000-03-092000-03-09
IPPA, Second International Seminar: Civil Society and Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria, 25th – 26th May, 2000 at the University of Calabar (paper presented already published), July, 2000.2000-05-252000-05-26
Annual Conference of Head of Training and Development of Nigerian Public and Private Enterprises, August 10, 2000, Metropolitan Hotel, Calabar 2000-08-102000-08-10
International “Conference on Conflict Resolution in Africa: Toward a Theoretical Framework for Practical Solution”, Organized by Institute for Peace and Conflict resolution, the Presidency, Abuja (paper presented, modified and published), 12th J“Conference on Conflict Resolution in Africa: Toward a Theoretical Framework for Practical Solution”2001-07-122001-07-12
A Keynote Address at the Society of Nigerian Theatre Artists (SONTA), Uniuyo, Nov. 25th – 29th 2002 (already published, 2003).“Culture and Theatre As Synergy for addressing the Nigerian National Question”, 2002-11-252002-11-29
presented at a Departmental Seminar June 22nd 2004 (already modified and published), 2007.“Dramatic Theories and Criticism: Impetus for Creative Intellection”, 2004-07-222004-07-22
A Keynote Address presented at a workshop for Theatre Practitioners, under the Auspices of UNICEF, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State Nigeria 14th December 2004 (awaiting publication).“The Use of Theatre in Communicating Children and Women’s Issues”2004-12-142004-12-14
A lead paper for presentation at Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria, 7th – 10th June, 2005, Under the Auspices of SONTA Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists, (modified and already published).“The Business of Theatre and the Theatre of Business”, 2005-07-072005-07-10
Presented at the Validatory ceremony for the End of Miss Unical 2007 Reign. October 22nd, 2007 at CRUTECH, Calabar.“Gender Equality: Discrimination Against The Female Child”2007-10-222007-10-22
a lead paper presented as Resource Person in Workshop, The Role of Information in a Democracy: At Cross River State Ministry of Information, 19th June, 2008 (being modified for publication).“Freedom of Information and the Public Right to know The Workings of Government”2008-07-192008-07-19
Originator and Convener of the Pioneering International Conference of Theatre and Media Studies in the Third Millennium, in Unical Department of Theatre and Media Studies, Under the auspices of University of Calabar, Calabar August 3rd to September 22015-08-032015-09-27
paper presented at the International Conference on Theatre and Media Practice in the Third Millennium September 10th – 15th 2015, University of Calabar, Calabar - Nigeria.The Poetics of Critical Theory in Theatre and Media Practice in the Third Millennium2015-09-102015-09-15
A Paper Presented at the 5th International African Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference, held in Abuja Nigeria, under the auspices of Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Conjunction with the California Institute for African Peace IssueDeradicalization and Counter Radicalization.2017-08-032017-08-05