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Dr. Denis Agiande Ube


Environmental Education


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Dr. Denis Agiande Ube

Dr. Denis U. Agiande is a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Education, He came into Service as an Assistant Lecturer on the 8th day of Novermber, 2014, But before then he had been a Part time Lecturer with the institute of education Study center then located at Ogoja L.G.A in Crs teaching Environmental Education Courses. He has thought and Superviced Undergraduate and Sandwich students in the the Department of Environmental Education. He has served as the Chairman of organizing Committee of World Environment Day celebration (WED), Co-ordinator Student Industrial Trainning Programme of the Department and also as the Pioneer Examination officer of the Departments Sandwich Programme. He is Currently Serving as a member solemn Assembly Committee of the Faculty. He has so far Published articles in both International and Local Journals, and has also attended serveral Conferences within the Country. He is a member of Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), Nigerian Union of Teachers(NUT) TRC certified, Nigerian Library Association(NLB) and also a member Curricullum Organization of Nigeria(CON). He is a Christain and Happily Married with Children.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCR.C.M Primary School , Ohong-Obudu19761979
WACSGovernment secondary School, Obudu19791983
NCEFederal College of Education, Katsina State19871989
B.Sc EducationUniversity of Nigeria, Nsukka19941998
M.Ed EducationUniversity of Nigeria, Nsukka20042006
Ph.DUniversity of Calabar, Calabar20102018

S/N Publication
Agiande,D.U & Ushie, C.A. (2017). Teaching Controversial Issues in Environmental Education. The environmental studies,1(1),55-62
Agiande, D.U., williams, J.J.,Dunnamah, A.Y. & Tumba,D.P. (2015). Conceptual change theory as a teaching Strategy in environmental education.european Scientific journal,11(15),395-408
Ukpong,J., Agiande,D.U. & Ekanem, N. (2012).Inclusion of Climate change education into tertiary curriculum for sustainable development in Nigerian. journal of educational studies and research,7(1),107-115.

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