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Prof. Ambrose Andrew Anyanwu Alaribe


Medical Laboratory Science




[email protected]

About Prof. Ambrose Andrew Anyanwu Alaribe

Professor Alaribe is a Medical Laboratory Scientist with bias in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology. His primary interest is on malaria transmission, diagnosis and control. Major research acccomplishments include Malaria vector surveillance and Molecular Characterization of mosquitoes in Cross River State. Antimalaria Sensitivity Testing, Dynamics of malaria Transmission in Cross River State. His background knowledge of Molecular Entomology is driving the current transformation of graduate students’ research to a molecular approach and initiative in the Department. His roles in many public health research projects epitomizes his involvement in filariasis epidemiology. He teaches Medical Protozology, Medical Entomology and Laboratory techniques to both undergraduate and post graduate students. His current research project is as the Principal Investigator for Insecticide Resistance Monitoring in Cross River State, Nigeria, under the United States President’s Malaria Initiative.

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S/N Publication
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