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About Prof. Alice Eta Asim

Prof Alice Eta Asim holds a Ph.D degree in Educational Evaluation from the International Centre for Educational Evaluation, University of Ibadan. She currently teaches Tests and Measurement, Research Methods and Statistics, Programme Development and Evaluation, Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Education, Development and Validation of Instruments, ICT in Education among other courses. She has successfully supervised 23 Masters and PhD students in the area of Educational Measurement and Research. She is a permanent member of the University Senate and has served her university in various capacities. In October 2016, was appointed Head of Department of Educational Foundations. Prof. A. E. Asim who has been a Government Scholar since her secondary school days, is also a recipient of the Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators (CASTME) Award for her work on the use of pre-structured concept maps for primary science teaching. She has been an Educational Consultant to: UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, Federal and State Governments of Nigeria, National Teachers Institute, Education Trust Fund, etc. As a widely travelled academic and visiting Professor and External Examiner to different universities, she has visited and attended many conferences in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe, resulting in over 50 local and international publications. She has ability to do the following; develop and standardise varieties of tests, write textual materials for different school levels, train teachers to adopt appropriate pedagogical approach, analyse data using computer packages, develop training manuals through participatory workshops, undertake content analysis of curriculum materials, lead teams of national consultants in education sector analysis, organize workshops and accredit educational programmes, conduct and analytically present research findings. Prof Asim is a lifelong learner, a wife and a mother.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPrimary School, Akim, Calabar 19691974
WASCHoly Child Sec. School, Calabar19711975
B.ScUniversity of Calabar19761980
M.EdUniversity of Ibadan19851986
Dip. (Comp. Science)University of Calabar19901992
Ph.DUniversity of Ibadan19941998
Certificates in Higher Education Pedagogy NUC Virtual Institute for Higher Education Pedagogy(VIHEP)20032004

S/N Publication
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