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Dr. Utietiang Litio Undie


Crop Science


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Utietiang Litio Undie

Dr Utietiang Litio Undie joined the services of the University of Calabar, Calabar as a Professor on Sabbatical leave in 2017 from the Cross River University of Technology. He was subsequently appointed an Adjunct Lecture in 2018. Dr Undie is currently involved with teaching and supervising of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Cropping Systems in the University of Calabar. He has held several appointments in the University of his primary assignment. He is currently a member, Park and Gardens Committee of the University of Calabar. His research interest is on tropical cropping systems with special reference to horticultural crops and the ecophysiology/nutrition of the crops in mixtures. He belongs to many professional bodies including Crop Science Society of Nigeria, Agricultural Society of Nigeria and European Centre for Research, Training and Development. Dr Undie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences (Ecology) in 1980, an MSc in Crop Science with specialization in Crop Physiology and Production in 1989, and a PhD in Crop Production with specialization in Crop Production (Farming Systems, Horticulture and Crop Physiology) in 2012. Dr Undie is married with six children. He loves gardening, nature study, photography and badminton.

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