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Mr. Patrick Owan Bisong




Lecturer II


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About Mr. Patrick Owan Bisong

Mr. Patrick Owan Bisong is a humble and articulate graduate of Sociology whose passion for academic activities is acknowledged by all those who come around him. Mr. Bisong is a native of Bansan-Osokom in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River Stae, Nigeria. He attended primary school Bansan-Osokom in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria between 1977 and 1983. He proceeded to community secondary school Nsadop in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River, Nigeria from 1983 to 1989 and obtained his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) and Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in 1983 and 1989 respectively. While in primary school, he served as Head Boy and also served as senior perfect during his secondary school days and received several commendations in most subjects in his primary and secondary school days because of his brilliant performance during his school days in primary and secondary school. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in sociology of Development from the University of Calabar, between 2000 and 2005 respectively. He was appointed Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, University of Calabar, Calabar 2010 and promoted to the rank of lecturer II in 2014. He teaches undergraduate students in the Department of Sociology University of Calabar with zeal and passion acknowledge by his students. He has supervised twenty (20) undergraduate research projects in the Department of Sociology, University of Calabar, Calabar. He has published six articles in Local and International Journal such as Singapore Journal of Economics and Business studies vol. 2, No. 3, Mediterranean Journal of Education and Social Research vol. 3, Scotish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies vol. 4, Singapore Research Journal of Social Sciences and Management vol. 2, The International Journal of Development and Sustainability vol. 2 and the Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspective (MJRDP) in the Faculty of Social Science, University of Calabar, Calabar. He was appointed Examination Officer department of sociology University of Calabar between 2011 and 2014 and currently the coordinator of Anti-corruption studies in the Centre of General Studies (CGS) University of Calabar, Calabar. Mr. Bisongs current area of research in on “An assessment of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) skills acquisition programme and Employment Generation Capacity in Cross River State, Nigeria. Mr. Bisong is happily married to Mrs. Francisca Bisiong and is bless with two children.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)Primary School Bansan-Osokom Boki LGA, Cross Rivers State Nigeria..19771983
Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE)Community Secondary School, Nsadop, Boki, LGA, Cross Rivers State Nigeria..19831989
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) SociologyUniversity of Calabar, Calabar Nigeria 19962000
Master of Science (M.Sc) Sociology of DevelopmentUniversity of Calabar, Calabar Nigeria 20022005

S/N Publication
Bassey, A.O., Bisong, P.O. & Omono, C.E. (2013). Contribution of Multinational Corporation to Socio-Economic and Political Development of the Third World Countries- A critique of Nigerian Experience, The International Journals Research Journal of Social Sciences & Management, 2(9),89-94.
Bassey, A.O., Omono, C.E., Bisong, P.O. & Bassey, U.A.(2013). State and Local Government Areas Creation as a Strategy of National Integration or Disintegration in Nigeria.Journal of Educational and Social Research 3(1),237-245.
Bassey, A.O., Bisong, P.O. & Attah, F. (2013).Strategic Human Resource Management of Surplus Manpower as Panacea for Retrenchment in Public Organizations.The International Journals Research Journal of Economics & Business Studies, 2(3), 28-34.
Ojua, T.A., Bisong, P.O. & Ishor, D.G.(2013). Theoretical overview and socio-cultural Implications of urban dwellers patronage of trado-medical homes and services in Nigeria urban centres International Journal of Development and Sustainability, 2(1), 183-193.
Ojua,T.A., Tangban, E.E., Abia, R.P. & Bisong, P.0. (2012). Environmental Conservation and the Development of Cultural Tourism- Implications for Contemporary Society.Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences & Scientific Studies, 4(1),90-106.

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