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Mr. Pascal Eze Bassey


Curriculum & Teaching


Assistant Lecturer


[email protected]

About Mr. Pascal Eze Bassey

Pascal Bassey is a scholar and a Social Educator who over the year has poses numerous skills as a social educator. Over the years he poses skills as a critical thinker, creative, problem solvers, has the ability to work as part of a team, courageous and well equipped in his area of specialisation to carry out task. He has been properly exposed as a social educator in the course of zeal and quest for Knowledge. Pascal Bassey as a social educator was awarded a B.Ed (Hons) Degree in social studies by the university of calabar in 2012, degree in Learning for sustainability from the University of Plymouth, UK in 2015. During the course of his study he also hold a health and safety certificate associated with Plymouth University in 2015. While in the course of his study he has worked as a student ambassador for the University of Plymouth and has been given a very high recommendation to join any institution in future. He joined the University of calabar in 2016 as an assistant lecturer. Since joining the University he has been mentored and is still in the process of mentoring by great and senior social educators like Prof Donald Enu, Associate professor David Edinyang and Dr Ekpenyong Essien in the University. He has been teaching since joining the University and also contributing to the development and progress of the Department of social science Education .He is presently enrolled in the University of Nsukka as a PhD student.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCAnti Magaret International Nursery/Primary School 19962001
WAECParlimentary Comprehensive Secondary School20012007
B.Ed in Social StudiesUniversity of Calabar, Nigeria20072012
M.Sc in Learning for SustainabilityUniversity of Plymouth, UK 20142015

S/N Publication
Tandu, M.A, Bassey P.E (2019) Influence of Family Stability on Leadership Styles and Nation Building in Democratic Nigeria. Journal of the Social Studies and Civic Educators association of Nigeria (SOSCEAN) 10 (3), 172-182.
Ekpoto, E.A, Bassey P.E (2018) The influence of Teacher Marital Status on Social Studies Teaching Effectiveness in Ikom Education Zone, Cross River, State, Nigeria. International Journal of Contemporary Social Science Education (IJCSSE) . 1 (1), 97-101.
Ekpoto, D.F, Bassey P.E (2018) Instructional Ownership and Research Skills Application among Postgraduate Students in Faculties of Education in Universities in Cross River State, Nigeria International Journal of Contemporary Social Science Education (IJCSSE).1 (2), 154-158.
Enu, D.B, Opoh,F.A, Bassey P.E. (2017) Balancing the imbalances in the structure of Nigeria federation: The civic Educators Perspectives. International journal of advanced Research in Public Policy, Social Development and enterprise studies. 2(1), 71-80.
Edinyang S.D, Eteng E.E, Bassey, P.E. (2016) The challenge of teaching citizenship Education in Schools: ‘’The Teacher Experience’’. Journal of Special Needs Education. 2(1), 79-83.
Eteng E.E, Bassey P.E. (2016) Social Interaction model and its implication in the teaching of Social Studies. Journal of special Needs Education. 2(1), 73-78.
Tandu, M.A, Bassey, P.E, Edinyang S. D. (2016) Multicultural Education in Nigeria: A New Frontier in Social Studies Education. Journal of Social Studies and civic Educators association of Nigeria (SOSCEAN) 32(3), 77-80.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
International Conference of Advanced Research in Public Policy, Social Development and enterprise studies2016-11-082016-11-09
32nd National Conference of the Social Studies and Civic Education Association of Nigeria (SOSCEAN) Multicultural Education in Nigeria: A New Frontier in Social Studies Education.2018-08-062018-08-09