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Dr. Eru Mba Eru


Anatomical Science


Assistant Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Eru Mba Eru

Dr. Eru Mba started his career in the Department of Anatomical Science at the University of Calabar as a demonstrator from 2012 to 2017. He was converted to an Assistant Lecturer after obtaining an M.Sc. (Neurobiology) degree. Dr. Eru has attended many local and international conferences where he made presentations and other contributions. He has published many k=journal articles in reputable local and international peer-reviewed Journals. Dr. Eru was a member of the Local Organising Committee of the International Conference on Animal Care and Use in Research, Education, and Testing in 2017.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPCN Primary School19891994
SSCEDuke Town Secondary School19942000
B.ScUniversity of Calabar,Calabar20042008
M.Sc.University of Calabar,Calabar20132016

S/N Publication
Inyang, I.J., Eru, E.M., Fischer,V.A., & Uruakpa, K.C., (2015), Cytoarchitectural distortion of the liver following the administration of aqueous moringa oleifera seed on acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity in wistar rats. European Journal of Educational and Development Psychology. 3(1), 14-20.
Udo-Affah, G.U., Eru, E.M., Ede, P.O., & Uruakpa, K.C., (2015), Disintegration of the islet cells (of Langerhans) following the administration of ethanolic extracts of ginger in adult wistar rats. European Journal of Biology and Medical Science Research, 3(3), 1-6.
Eru, E.M., Uruakpa, K.C., Isamoh, T.E., Inyang, I. J., Otu, M.E., & Anozeng O. I., (2014), Histological effect of aqueous zingiber officinale (ginger) root extract on the stomach of adult male wistar rats. IOSR journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences, 9(2),57-59
Udo-Affah, G.U., Eru M..E, Unyime E. E., & Kelechi C.U., (2014), The awareness of the resident of Calabar municipality on the adverse effect of bleaching creams on the skin surface. Scholars Research Library: Annals of Biological Research, 5(6), 32-38.
Udo-Affah, G. U., Eru, E. M., Idika, C. I., Uruakpa, K. C., & Njoku, C. C., (2014), The age and Sex Incidence of Keloids/ Hypertrophic Scars in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State from 2001-2006. Journal of Biology, Agriculyure and Healthcare. 4(11), 33-37.
Eru M. E., Kebe E.O., Kelechi C. U., & Mesembe O.E., (2013), Histological evaluation of the combined extract of aqueous zingiber officinale (ginger) root and honey on the stomach of adult wistar rats. Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences, 2(4), 43-45.

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