About Faculty Of Biological Sciences


MISSION In line with the mission of the University of Calabar, the Faculty of Biological Sciences aims at: (i) Providing a conducive environment for teaching, research and learning. (ii) Preparing students adequately for various careers and Post-Graduate programmes through teaching of regularly updated Curriculum. (iii) Encourage excellence and team work in teaching, research and service delivery to the community in the areas of Biological Sciences. (iv) Inculcating moral values, high ethical standards, Professionalism and Integrity in both staff and students. (v) Providing an attractive reward system and encouraging the spirit of cooperation and team work


VISION: To attain and maintain excellence in the area of Basic and Applied Biology through the application of modern technologies in research, teaching and community service, producing responsible, self-reliant, confident and creative graduates who can cope globally with the challenges of a changing world.