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Department of Tourism Studies

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Tourism Studies

Welcome to the Department of Tourism Studies at the University of Calabar. The University of Calabar, which is located at the heart of Nigeria’s main tourist destination, is an excellent centre for practical and qualitative teaching and training of students on modern tourism and hospitality development and management activities due to the large numbers of both local and foreign tourists that usually throng into the ancient town of Calabar annually, and the abundant tourism resources in the area. The current Department of Tourism started as a unit in the then Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences in the University of Calabar in 2005. The Department focuses on the development of tourism education using modern tools and technologies and broadens the understanding of its importance and opportunities in the economic development of the nations.

 We are very proud of the giant strides our young Department has made and its overwhelming impact on the tourism development of the area within the short period that it has existed. We have an enriched course curriculum that has been packaged to accommodate all aspects of the modern tourism and hospitality industry including identification, development, management, and marketing.  Our curriculum is designed to optimally prepare students to learn, acquire skills, and develop the experience needed to be outstanding in a highly competitive hospitality and tourism industry, in addition to research. The Department runs programs that lead to the award of B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in different areas of tourism and hospitality. We have a team of highly experienced academic, administrative and technical staff from various backgrounds, who are always ready to teach, guide, and share their experiences with students to enable them to acquire the enriching experience needed to be successful in a highly competitive field.

 Our Department is very active and vibrant with many consultancy opportunities in the numerous hospitality outfits in the busy town. Our training facilities have always been rated as the best and we have been working hard to sustain them. Our students always have something to learn either inside or outside the classroom.

Whether you are a prospective student seeking where to study tourism or in a position to recommend, we encourage you to consider our Department of Tourism. If you have any questions, feedback, comment, or suggestions to make, kindly reach us through any of our contacts outlets.

 Thank you very much for visiting our website as we hope to meet you either in our Department or in one of our management outfits.

 Thank you very much!

Dr Demitrus O. Oba

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


To harness the various skills, diverse expertise and intellectual resources in tourism for the teaching and production of highly competent and dependable graduates for tourism and hospitality industry.


To contribute significantly to solving human wellbeing needs by producing highly competent graduates.


The philosophy of Tourism Studies Programme is to promote the understanding of people and their activities in relation to the natural, cultural and built attractions by creating a balance between work and human well-being, and to provide adequate opportunity for training and development of high-level personnel in this field of knowledge.


To harness the various skills, diverse expertise and intellectual resources in tourism for the teaching and production of highly competent and dependable graduates for tourism and hospitality industry.


The Department of Tourism Studies started in 2015 as a unit under the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Calabar, Calabar. In 2016, the Senate of the University of Calabar considered the relevance of tourism as a thriving sector of many national economies, its global concern as a teething field of study, and research area with strong reflection on contemporary global issues. The need to develop man power to feed the sector in the country, caused the Senate to approve the establishment of the Department of Tourism Studies as a full fledge academic Department.

The Department of Tourism Studies, currently headed by Dr. Demitrus Okim Oba, is domiciled in the Faculty of the Social Sciences, with its office on the ground floor of the Faculty of the Social Sciences building.

The Department currently runs undergraduates and post graduate degree programs in various fields of specialization in tourism including ecotourism and rural studies, event and hospitality management, heritage studies, transport management. The Department has cutting edge teachers with broad experiences in the field of tourism. The staff mix is very appropriate consisting of staff in the Junior Middle and professional cadre who are voracious researchers.

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