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Department of Pharmacognosy And Natural Medicine

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Pharmacognosy And Natural Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Calabar, Nigeria. The Department, which started academic programs in the 2020/2021 academic session after securing approval from the University of Calabar Senate in the 2019/2020, is young and vibrant. The Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine is saddled with the responsibility of providing qualitative teaching and training of students in crude drug standardization and evaluation, sourcing of raw materials for crude drug production, cultivation of medicinal plants for sustainability, herbal medicine in traditional medical practice, advanced separation techniques, and the use of computer bio-simulation in drug discovery and development from novel compounds. Follow us as we take you around our academic program, research interest, staffing structure, and other activities.

We have a team of highly experienced and professional academic, technical, and administrative staff, who have a deep commitment to excellent teaching, mentoring, and quality research. Some of our staff are practicing pharmacists, who are in the University to share their wealth of experience by teaching and training future pharmacists. Our students are taught and guided to be professionals, who can help find drug solutions to emerging health challenges like COVID-19, and so on.  

Our general and research laboratories are equipped with state-of-art-facilities. The academic staff in the Department is adequately empowered to dedicate their time and energy to the core research of drug discovery by exploring the vast untapped flora and fauna in Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa, and Africa. We are presently partnering with the Communities, traditional practitioners, and Pharmaceutical companies on drug development with the ultimate aim of drug discovery by harnessing the untapped raw materials in wild.

Thank you for this visit as we hope to meet you soon.

Dr. Adedapo A. Adeniran

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


As an appendage of the Faculty of Pharmacy, we produce professionals and highly competitive graduates in drug discovery and development and formulation and packaging of standardized herbal medicines for indigenous and international communities.


To produce graduates with intellectual and practical solutions to numerous diseases in society through drug discovery and development from natural sources.


To produce graduates worthy in character, learning, and knowledge in providing practical solutions to various health challenges globally.


The objectives of the Department are to train and develop students in the following areas:

·         Standardization of crude drugs of natural origin sourced from medicinal plants, animals, marine organisms, and minerals.

·         Cultivation and in vitro techniques of medicinal plants for sustainability.

·         Advanced chromatographic techniques in separation of crude drugs.

·         Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds based on ethnobotanical knowledge.

·         Biological screening of crude extracts and isolated compounds.

·         Structure-activity relationship study using bio-simulation and molecular docking tools for novel drug discovery.


The Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine is one of the seven Departments in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Calabar, following approval by the National Universities Commission for the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) degree program. The pioneer Head of Department was Prof. (Mrs) Mbang N. Femi-Oyewo, MFR, FPSN, FPCPharm, FNAPharm, Ph.D. (Manchester). Currently, the acting Head is Dr. Adedapo A. Adeniran B.Sc (OAU), M.Sc, Ph.D. (UI).

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