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Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Geology


Welcome to the web page of the Department of Geology, University of Calabar- one of the world’s leading centres in the training and molding of professional geoscientists. In Geology Department, we do not only open but also enrich student’s knowledge of the dynamic nature of the Earth processes, the interaction between its various interconnected components including atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere, and their economic importance. The Department of Geology, which started in the late 1970s, has made giant strides in both qualitative training and the man-power development needs of the society, multinational and local industries.

 We have an unequal commitment to total and high-quality training of students and other clients in the basic principles and applications of geology with emphasis on field and practical laboratory training. Our vision is to sustain our position as the leading centre for the training and production of professionals in all areas of geological sciences in Tropical Africa.

 The Department offers academic programmes that lead to the award of undergraduate (B.Sc.) and postgraduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D) degrees in different fields of geology in a very serene and ‘academigenic’ setting. Presently, we have about 300 undergraduate and 100 postgraduate students studying in the Department. These academic programmes are supported by a well-trained and highly motivated team of about 34 academic staff with 14 at professorial level, and 32 technical and administrative staff. The staff members, who combine expertise in both theoretical, field and practical geology, have diverse qualifications and extensive domestic and international exposures in all areas of Geology. 

Our unique location in the fringe of the Gulf of Guinea that is flanked by the Precambrian Oban Massif, Cretaceous Calabar Flank and Tertiary-Quaternary Coastal Plain Sands makes the teaching, learning and demonstrating of geological concept to be fun by enhancing their understanding. Our undergraduate programme is strongly supported by well-organized and sponsored field school and field trip components. Thus, by combining regular classroom and laboratory training with inter-semester field trips, our students acquire awesome lifelong experiences that enable them to excel anywhere. These field schools and trips have direct connections with some courses in the Department.

The Department has standard and well-equipped laboratories for broad-based researches in micropaleontology, mineralogy/petrology, geophysics, hydrogeology, and geotechnical engineering. There is also a well-furnished museum that houses minerals, rocks and fossils samples collected from the field. Our academic programmes are strongly supported by both local and multinational organisations with many of them sponsoring prizes awarded annually for outstanding achievements. Our Department has won several awards from individual, professional and co-operates organisations. Our graduates have been very successful in securing gainful employment in these industries as well as entrepreneurs who create jobs for others.

Our Department has a long history of transforming many ‘ordinary’ students and clients into professionals that are occupying enviable positions in many local, national and multinational organisations in virtually all parts of the world. We will continue to be appreciative to them for their ‘give back’ programme, feedback and other contributions to the development and sustenance of the department. 

We strongly encourage you to browse our website for more information about our programmes and activities. Should you have any feedback, question and suggestion, feel free to contact us at any time s such may be useful in shaping our programme.


Thank you.

Prof. Bassey E. Ephraim

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective



The Department therefore proposes to build and sustain academic excellence in geologic studies and manpower development to meet national economic needs, and encourage public and private sector partnership.



Our vision is to be a leading institution in the training and production of manpower in geological sciences, covering both terrestrial and marine environments.



The vision of the Department of Geology is strongly expressed in the programmes run in the Department. Our vision is to be a leading institution in the training and production of manpower in geological sciences, covering both terrestrial and marine environments. Graduates from our programmes are expected to meet the needs/challenges of industries and related agencies based on the totality of their learning experiences. The Department therefore proposes to build and sustain academic excellence in geologic studies and manpower development to meet national economic needs, and encourage public and private sector partnership.



Our mission is to create an enabling environment for geologic studies/activities to thrive and in the process, encourage collaboration between the Department, the Solid Mineral Sector, the Oil, Gas and Energy Industries and International Development Partners. Public private sector partnership would be fostered through employment of adequate manpower and resources for teaching, research and community development. The caliber of manpower that our programmes are expected to produce must acquire total education, knowledge and skills that can fit him or her for a purposeful and successful life in the society.



The Department of Geology offers training in the principles and applications of geological and marine geological sciences to students to enable them generate basic data that are required for the (1) exploration, evaluation and exploitation of minerals, groundwater and petroleum resources; (2) solution of local geological problems such as pollution, beach and soil erosion, etc; (3) understanding of local geological history; (4) understanding the origin, characteristics and changes in the coastal and ocean environments. The Department awards Bachelor of Science B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Geology and Marine Geology as well as Post Graduate Diploma Certificate in Applied Geology (PGDAG); Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Degrees in various fields of specialization. Apart from offering

courses, the Department also conducts research and carries out projects in the fields of petrology, paleontology stratigraphy, mineral resources, groundwater exploration/exploitation, geotechnical engineering, basin analysis, structural geology/tectonics, petroleum geology/geophysics, environmental geosciences, mineral exploration and management of coastal and ocean environments. The study programmes offer lectures, laboratory work, workshops, project work and field studies in a great variety of courses as detailed in the Students’ Handbook of the Department. UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR, CALABAR

The Department has extensive and well-equipped laboratories for micropaleontology, mineralogy/petrology, geophysics, hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering. It is also equipped with standard rock preparation and thin sectioning facilities as well as X-Ray Diffractometer/Flourescence (XRD/ XRF), Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). In addition, there is a museum, which houses collections of minerals, rocks and fossils. The Departmental Library is stocked with several periodicals; and there are good computing facilities in the department. Other facilities include a Central Workshop, Pure and Applied Chemistry laboratories. Oceanography Museum in the Institute of Oceanography, a workstation for accessing of geophysical and allied data.

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