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Department of Environmental Resource Management

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Environmental Resource Management


Welcome to the web portal of the Department of Environmental Resource Management of the University of Calabar, Nigeria, the cradle of Africa’s Sustainable Icons. Our primary objective is to empower by training men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools needed to promote the sustainability of the various components of the entire environment by optimally designing and maintaining environmental systems. The Environmental Resource Management Programme started as a unit in the then Department of Geography and Environmental Science but has now evolved, after the emergence of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences in the University of Calabar, into a full-fledged Department. 


The Department undertakes courses that lead to the award of B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Environmental Resource Management by the University. It attracts a large number of intending scholars who are interested in efficiently and effectively management of the Earth’s limited resources. Its multidisciplinary approach of study is unique as students are exposed to theoretical and practical courses not only in Environmental Resource Management but also in Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Microbiology, Mathematics, Geology, Oceanography, Agriculture, Sociology, Economics and Estate Management. The programme also has a tradition of establishing cordial relationships between students and staff in a conducive atmosphere, which, usually, leads to collaborations to conduct research vital to the society and environment.


Our philosophy of providing liberal education on knowledge of the environment and the acquisition of skills for the management of the earth’s environment has put the Department in good stead to offer exceptional educational services at world-class facilities. Additionally, our highly trained and motivated team of teaching and non-teaching staff led by three professors, senior and junior lecturers, administrative and technical staff, as well as experts from other related disciplines enrich our curriculum and culture of high standards. This has made our graduates invaluable to various sectors and segments of the society including educational and research institutions, government agencies and industries. 


We look forward to working with you to achieve your ambitious dreams of being a global changer by considering either enrolling in any of our programmes or recommending them to all those in your sphere of influence. Kindly let us have your feedback regarding your experience so far as they may be useful in refining our brand and consequently, make subsequent visits to be more appealing. Also, should you have any queries, kindly send them to us and we will promptly address them so we can always be up-to-date with our relevant information. 



Thank you for visiting our site as we hope to meet you soon.

Dr. Devalsam Imoke Eni

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective



To employ intellectual resources in Environmental Resource Management for teaching and production of highly competent graduates.



The production of excellent research and consistently high quality graduates.



To provide liberal education on knowledge of the environment and acquisition of skills for management of the earth's resources through provision of necessary man-power for institutions involved in

environmental related problem-solving and society in general.



The principal objective of the degree programme in Environmental Resource Management is to discover, describe, explain and interpret environmental problems, especially in the areas of environmental degradation, environmental pollution, land use, and management of environmental resources.

The specific details of this objective are as follows:

i) To contribute to liberal education of the university by disseminating environmental knowledge through teaching, oral presentations, field and laboratory work, and scholarly


ii) To equip students with suitable analytical and technical skills required for tackling environmental problems, focusing specifically on the linkages that exist between natural and man-made environments.

iii) To provide undergraduate students with thorough grounding in the discipline of environmental management, thus, meeting the need for professional expertise.

iv) To respond to the needs of society by applying specialized knowledge and expertise to solving or mitigating local, state, national and global environmental problems.



The B.Sc. degree programme in Environmental Resource Management (ERM) came into existence in response to global, regional and local concerns about the wanton exploitation of the earth's resources and the subsequent destruction of the environment. The ERM programme was established under the headship of Dr. A. E. Ntukidem in August, 1998, with Mr. I. A. Animashaun serving briefly as the programme's first co-ordinator. Since then, the programme has been handled by the following heads and coordinators:


Period                         Head of Department                         Co-ordinator of Programme

1998-1998                   Dr. A. E. Ntukidem                             Mr. I. A. Animashaun

1998 - 2000                 Engr. E. U. Esin                                  Dr. E. J. Aniah

2000 – 2003                Prof. M. O. Ebong                              Mr. I. A. Animashaun

2003 – 2005                Dr. I. J. Ekpoh                                     Rev. Dr. D. D Eni

2005 – 2008                Prof. F. E. Bisong                               Mr. B. J. Bassey

2008 – 2010                Dr I. A. Animashaun                          Dr. (Mrs) Andrew-Essien

Oct. 2010-Jan. 2011    Prof Bassey B. Eze                             Dr. (Mrs.) E. E. Andrew-Essien

Jan 2011–2013            Rev. Dr. D. D. Eni                              Dr. A. O. Ajake

2013- March, 2015     Dr. A. O. Ajake                                   Dr. (Mrs.) Joy E. Atu

March, 2015-Jan, 2017 Dr. F. I. Okpiliya                              Dr. I. C. Ekwok

Feb. 2017 – present     Dr. A. I. Afangideh                             Dr. (Mrs.) Violet Eneyo


During the period 1998 to the present, which can be considered as the formative era, the programme has witnessed rapid growth in student numbers with enrolment exceeding 300 students per session. There has also emerged a number of scholarly publications. The strength of the programme derives from the large pool of intending scholars within the University of Calabar catchment area, who are interested in the Earth's environment. Yearly, applications in excess of two thousand seeking placement in the programme are received. The most promising environmental candidates are selected through a process, which includes an aptitude test. Another strength of the programme is the multidisciplinary approach of study in which students are exposed to theoretical and practical courses not only in Environmental Resource Management, but also in allied departments such as Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Microbiology, Mathematics,

Geology, Oceanography, Agriculture, Sociology, Economics and Political Science. Within its short period of existence, the ERM programme has contributed to nation building by graduating several batches of environmental scientists. The programme also has a tradition of students and staff conducting researches which are useful to the society and environment. The birth of Faculty of Environmental Sciences from the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Calabar through the pronouncement of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Zana Akpagu, at Senate meeting brought about the transition of the Environmental Resource Management Unit into a full-fledged department and the subsequent appointment of an Acting Head of Department. Dr. Devalsam Imoke Eni, the pioneer acting Head of Department was appointed on 12th October, 2018.

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