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Welcome to the web portal of the Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education at the University of Calabar. We pride ourselves as the heartbeat of the Education profession. We encourage you to go through our various web pages and learn about our academic programs, courses and curriculum, research, admission requirements, and other activities.


The Department of Educational Foundations is a very vibrant Department that runs courses and curriculum that lead to the award of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Educational Psychology. The Department is internally segmented into three units comprising psychological foundations that run the undergraduate program in educational psychology; research, measurements and evaluation, and social foundations of education. We have a crop of highly experienced and committed academic and administrative members staff with varying areas of specializations. Our records of teaching, mentorship, and research mark us out as the prime Department of choice. Our staff members are highly respected locally and internationally for their academic, professional training and accomplishments. 


Our staff are respected for their unique ways of teaching and inspiring students to learn and have a deeper understanding of the educational problems, issues, and problems. Our students are usually taught through lectures, seminars, teaching practice, individual and group assignments. In the process of learning, they acquire knowledge and skills, and consequently, develop lifetime experience in practical methods of teaching, classroom management, assessment and evaluation, guided decision making and policymaking, and so on. Our great Alumni family is dominated by happy and accomplished members, who are found in choice job positions that cut across teaching, research, administration, policy-making, and entrepreneurship. The Department will continue to provide a well-trained bunch of graduates who can help in providing reliable solutions to the educational needs of the society by sustaining its excellent and enviable teaching and training standards and quality research outputs.


You can send your questions, comments, feedback, and suggestions to us by email at [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Thank you for visiting our web portal.

Prof. Nonso Bisong

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective



To provide excellent and professional preparation for our students in such divergent areas as psychological testing, behaviour disorders and modification, educational evaluation, consultation processes and teaching; that will nurture in them, the passion and capacity for service delivery.



To be the best department in producing globally competitive Educational Psychologists for teaching, research and consulting services.



The B.Ed degree programme in Educational Psychology is globally acknowledged due to the utilitarian philosophy of knowledge and skill development for service delivery. In the Nigerian school setting, an alarming number of learners exhibit behaviour disorders like cultism, interest deficit, learning phobia, examination malpractice, etc. The graduates of this programme will offer services in teaching and application of psychological techniques for behaviour modification among such learners.



The B.Ed degree programme is aimed at:

·         Producing for schools, psycho-educational service providers, competent in helping the readjustment and correction of learners’ deficiencies, failures and maladjustments.

·         Equipping recipients with knowledge and skills to identify and institute appropriate rehabilitation programmes for emotionally traumatized children.

·         Equipping students with relevant knowledge and skills for practice in diagnosing and treating such psycho-educational problems as slow learning, gifted and talented, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, phobia, interest deficit, reading and writing disorders, anxiety disorders, behaviour disorders, etc.

·         Providing the recipients a high level of professional education that will make them proficient in teaching and commitment to scholarship.


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