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Department of Economics

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Economics


Welcome to the web portal of the Department of Economics, one of the teaching and research departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calabar. Our department is uniquely located in a serene environment that engenders teaching, learning, skill acquisition and the development of enriching experience. We have a global reputation of being one of the best departments where quality undergraduate and postgraduate education and scientific research excellence in various fields of economics are provided in sub-Saharan Africa. We have a deep commitment to help students achieve their potentials and consequently, use their knowledge in playing key roles in decision making and the development of the society.

The Department offers a range of high-quality and vibrant undergraduate and postgraduate courses that led to the award of B.Sc. degrees in Economics and Demography and Development Studies, M.Sc. and PhD degrees in Economics. Our expanded family of highly accomplished Alumni members, who are making their marks in various fields of endeavours including public service, business, industrial, community and entrepreneurship, remains very inspirational in driving all staff to offer their best in training students.

The teaching, learning and research activities in the department are driven by a high number of highly experienced and committed academic staff who have attained excellent heights in their teaching and research ventures. The focus of the department is to produce graduates equipped with critical skills and abilities required to solve societies’ economic problems both at micro and macro levels. The Department is also strategically positioned to providing cutting-edge research to aid policy formulation, direction, and implementation in all strata of government – local, state and federal levels.

The Department has good collaborative arrangement with many private and public organizations with interest in accounting, economics, marketing and management development. Additionally, the Department has a wide range of international partners working closely with staff and students.


If you are seeking for a University that teaching, learning and research in economics are done at its best, then consider enroll in any of our programs.

Enjoy your time with us and keep in touch. Welcome on board.

We appreciate your visit.

Dr Bassey O. Ebi

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


To Produce high quality graduates and scholars in focal areas of learning with theoretical,practical and entepreneurial skills for the world of work in conducive environment through quality research and teaching


To be a centre of excellence producing globally competitive graduates and contributing significantly to development through research


A training ground focused on imparting knowledge by teaching and researching into economic theory and applications based on creative, imaginative and original ideas informed by scholarly integrity with a view to understanding contemporary economic problems and providing solutions for solving unending domestic and global economic problems, now, and in future, in line with changing economic and social circumstances.



The objective of the undergraduate programme is to produce graduates who with the

- help of theories and practical applications of economic principles, can solve contemporary economic problems in the industrial capitalist and developing economies with special focus on Nigeria; and who have the ability and capacity to treat economic problems from institutional and structural (non— economic) as well as economic perspectives with appropriate modifications in general economic principles. theories and policies.

In particular, the objectives of the programme are as follows:

(a)        Train students in all areas of theoretical and applied economies

(b)       Improve students understanding of’ economic problems within the framework of structural/ideological paradigms;

(c)        Improve students understanding of economic history and its link to society’s problems

(d)       Help students appreciate areas ancillary to economic study;

(e)        Impart a clear understanding and importance of methodological skills;

(f)        Make it possible for students to be useful in practical fields where economics is usable;

(g)       Make the study of economics relevant to the problems of Nigeria in particular and the non-industrialized, African and West African regions in general.



The Department of Economics came into being as part of Calabar campus of the University of Nigeria. Nsukka in 1973. The university itself became autonomous in 1976 when it was taken over as a Federal Government institution with the Department of Economics as one of the foundation Departments. At first, students took the degree of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. However, from 1980 they started taking the degree of the University of Calabar. From the time the Department became autonomous in 1976 and admitted students for its degree, it was headed by Professor S. M. Essang up to 1976. Thereafter, the headship of the Department has been as follows: Professor W.A. Ndongko (1979 – 1981); Dr. Eksor Toyo, (1981 – 1983); Professor Eno J. Usoro  (1987); Professor Eskor Toyo (1987-1992); ProfesorJ.E.U.Ndebbio (1993-1996); Dr. O. E. Akpan (1997-1999); Dr. M.O.Nyong (1999-2000); chief E.E. Inang (2001-2003); Dr. A.N. Bassey (2003-2005); Dr. N.A Ndiyo (2005-2007). Dr. M.O. Nyong (2007-2009). Dr. (Mrs.) F.N. Obafemi (2009-2011), Dr. F.S Ebong (2011-2013), Dr. EnangUdah (2013-2015), Dr. O.O. Ovat (2015-2017); Prof. Mrs) A. S. Antai (2017-2020; Dr B.O. Ebi (2020-till date).


The Department adheres strictly to high standard of control in teaching and conduct of examinations. Examination questions are vetted internally, .and for the final year students both questions and examination.

Scripts are vetted and moderated by external examiners. Final year students are shared among all academic staff according to students inclination and staff specialization, for purpose of guidance in students’ project writing.

The research project is based upon original field study, data analysis and interpretation. This requirement is meant to demonstrate students’ competence in research methodology and their comprehension of what they learnt during their stay in the Department, and their abilities to communicate. Copies of these projects are kept in the Departments Resource Room and in the Main Library of the University of Calabar. The project is a two-semester course that carries six credits. Our undergraduate entry requirements are among the most stringent in the country.


The setting of high standard has produced some positive results. For instance, in 1980/81 ‘the Department produced a First Class Honours graduate; this feat was again repeated in 1987/88, 1999/2000, 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.

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