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Department of Chemical Engineering

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Chemical Engineering

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the web portal of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Calabar, Calabar. The young and vibrant Department, situated in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology complex, started academic programs in 2016 after securing approval from the University of Calabar Senate. The National Universities Commission permitted it to commence academic programs in the 2019/2020 academic session. The department runs a 5-year program that leads to the award of a B. Eng. degree in chemical engineering. We encourage you to go through our various web pages and find out more information about our academic program, courses and curriculum, staffing, research, and other valuable information about us.
Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with the conversion of raw materials into useful products in the most economical manner while applying the safest methods possible by employing basic principles of sciences. The Chemical Engineering program at the University of Calabar is designed to equip students with a solid foundation to meet contemporary challenges in the chemical industries in Nigeria and beyond. To achieve this, the University has engaged a formidable and well-trained team of academic and technical staff, who have a huge wealth of teaching, research, and experience to teach and inspire students to learn, acquire knowledge and skills, and consequently, develop mental capacity and experience that will enable them to be successful in both theoretical and applied aspects of Chemical Engineering. Our programs are enriched with robust course outlines, which are adequately and methodically packaged to prepare our students for the successful practice of the profession anywhere in the world. Our team of administrative staff is always at hand to provide moral support to the students to enable them to be at home at all times.
All members of the Department are very proud of the positive work working conditions and the progress that the Department has made in a short time. The Department has been equipped with excellent teaching, learning, and laboratory facilities that enable students to learn and understand. Our core values include excellence in all we do, pride in our department and our achievements, and caring for all members of our community. In recognition of our good practice towards the advancement of our collaboration with the larger body of Chemical Engineers, we have hosted the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, Akwa Ibom/Cross Chapter in June of 2021 and have three of our members as the key unit heads for Cross River State branch. We hope that this will open a window for further collaboration with industries and other Universities at home and abroad.
We have kept our doors open to partnership, sponsorship, and collaboration from industries, institutions, and well-meaning individuals, who will like to join us as we continue to raise the bar of the greatness of the Department. We welcome all donations and gestures that may come in the form of equipment that may no longer be useful for industrial operations but are still in good working condition, cash, willingness to take our students for industrial training and accommodate them for excursions, willingness to train our staff or partner with our staff on research and other beneficial purposes, and even staff and students’ scholarships.
More information about us can be found in the links provided. If you have any comments, suggestions, and feedback, kindly forward them to us through any of our contact channels. If you are looking for contact details of a particular member of staff, please consult our staff page.  
 Thank you for this visit as we hope to meet you soon.

Grace Esu-Ejemot Aquah (MNSE, MNSChE, MIAENG, Reg.Engr COREN)

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective



The Department of Chemical Engineering offers high quality learning experience which helps graduates to take up scientific, entrepreneurial and leadership roles within and outside chemical industries, carry out state-of-art research thereby meeting the needs of the engineering profession.



The Department of Chemical Engineering focuses on applying the principles of chemical engineering in learning and research as well as proffer solutions to societal problems in ever changing world.



The programs offered in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Bachelor of Engineering Degree level are very important to the industry and society. They seek to improve the quality of life by providing knowledge and techniques in the area of chemical plant design, process control etc. Chemical Engineering involves the practical application of the basic science of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and all the engineering science, to the technology of industries, such as chemicals, plastics etc.


The programme is intended to inspire and raise the creative capabilities of students, thereby promoting the exploration and transformation of indigenous resources into useful products and services in accordance with best and acceptable global standards while promoting sustainability and studying existing technologies. This implies a pragmatic approach in solving engineering problems and satisfying the requirements of man. 


Chemical Engineers have established careers in fields such as paints and plastics industries, petroleum refineries involved in the downstream sector, petrochemical industries, general chemical industry including soap and detergent manufacturing industries, food and pharmaceutical industries, research and development, engineering consultancy, design construction companies.



The Chemical Engineering Department produces engineers who are capable of meeting challenges faced in chemical and allied industries alongside those of the socio-economic sector. This is achieved through:

i.    Imparting students with the necessary knowledge of the basic principles which would be developed into skills geared towards technological advancement.

ii.   Equipping students with basic techniques for planning, designing, operating, managing and maintaining the respective industrial outfits in Nigeria and the world at large.

iii.  Training students in modelling and simulation to meet with the standard and achievement pursuit in technology as well as experimental/industrial research.

iv.  Inculcating in the students the basic principles and techniques underlying the maintenance of industrial plants.



The Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Calabar, took off in the 2016/2017 academic session alongside six other Departments when the Faculty of Engineering and Technology was established in the University.

Engr. Pamela M. Iwube was the pioneer Acting Coordinator of the Department of Chemical Engineering. The Department was accommodated temporarily in the Department of Physics pending the completion of the Engineering Complex that was then under construction. Pioneer lecturers in the Department were Engr. Pamela M. Iwube (Ag. Coordinator), Engr. Prof. Odey A. Osha, Engr. Grace E. Aquah and Miss Catherine Uloma Anaba.

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