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Department of Biological Oceanography

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Biological Oceanography


Welcome to the website of the Department of Biological Oceanography (also known as Marine Biology) at the University of Calabar. In the Department of Biological oceanography, we focus our studies, learning and research activities on the zoological, botanical and microbiological aspects of the ocean environment; the organisms in the various segments of the ocean, their inter-relationships and interactions with the marine environment; their diversity and contributions to mankind are explored. We offer courses and training leading to the award of BSc, M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Biological Oceanography with specializations in very diverse areas. Our Department boasts of some of the most dedicated hands in the various fields of marine sciences.


Critical aspects under consideration include plankton productivity; invasive species management and control (including water hyacinth and nipa palm); mangrove ecology, marine biodiversity conservation, benthos and benthic environment, marine pollution, fisheries and ecosystems management, marine microbiology and processes. Marine biological techniques are taught to equip the students with relevant state-of-the-art laboratory and field techniques including sea cruises. Our students are also exposed to the application of GIS and Remote Sensing in the management and conservation of marine life and their interactions with the marine environment (marine spatial planning).


Prospects abound for graduates of our programmes in national and multinational sectors of the economy including oil and gas, national and international organizations interested in environmental conservation and impact assessment, research and education institutions, environmental laboratories, maritime transport and ports management, government agencies, United Nations Agencies, marine biodiversity conservation organizations such as the IUCN, Birdlife International, etc, in addition to being self-employed.


We are open for collaborations including staff and students exchange programmes, students’ industrial training opportunities, research collaborations, affiliations, networking and mentoring. You are heartily welcome to our world of marine sciences, as we look forward to a healthy relationship.


Ocean! Waa!

Prof. Francis M. Nwosu

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


Students will be exposed to different interrelated fields of ocean sciences and techniques. The major thrust of their training is to understand the complexities of the ocean environment in all its ramifications and the value of multidisciplinary approach in proffering solutions to a wide range of issues in ocean environmental and resource management and conservation. Graduates of the programme will be assets to national and international establishments with interest in the ocean environment, especially resource exploration and exploitation, regulatory and monitoring, research and teaching as well as defence and strategic planning.



We envisage being a foremost ocean science training institution producing graduates that will contribute significantly to global ocean development through research.1.3MissionTo produce high quality graduates and scholars in focal areas of learning with theoretical, practical and entrepreneurial skills for the world of work in a conducive environment through quality research and teaching. 1.4Objectives of the Programme. The objectives of the programme shall be:

 i.        to develop a core of ocean scientists that can explore and proffer solutions  to localized, regional and global coastal and ocean problems,

    ii.  to train globally competitive manpower for ocean science and research institutions, and

   iii.     to instil ocean-based entrepreneurial competence and resourcefulness in     the students




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