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Department of Banking & Finance

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Banking & Finance


Welcome to the web portal of the Department of Banking and Finance at the Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Calabar, Nigeria. In the department of banking and Finance, we inspire and train students on how to employ innovative techniques and procedures to render qualitative global banking and financial services, monitor trends and other developments in the banking industry and examine the challenges facing the banking and finance industry in a globalized world. The Banking and Finance programme started as a specialty area in the then Department of Management Studies where degrees, were awarded according to the specialty areas of Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management and Marketing in 1977. Based on the Senate’s approval of the recommendations of the National Universities Commission’s Accreditation Team, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, the Departments of Banking and Finance, and Accounting was created.

The Department runs programmes that lead to the award of B.Sc, M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in all areas of Banking and Finance. Successful undergraduate students graduate with a degree in Banking and Finance while postgraduate students are awarded degrees in either Banking or Finance depending on their chosen areas of specialisation. Our unique teaching-learning approach is directed at imparting knowledge skills that will make students not only become professionals who can fill manpower gaps in public, private and international organisations but also, entrepreneurs who create jobs for others thereby contributing to stimulating economic growth and development. Additionally, our highly-subscribed graduates are adequately trained to be people who can identify and analyse problems and consequently, make informed decisions from the situational analysis.

Our programmes are piloted by a team of highly motivated, qualified, trained and experienced staff comprising academic, technical and administrative staff led by professors, senior lecturers and others. We have a well-furnished data center where students are guided encouraged to use in developing themselves and in the process acquire life-changing experience on how to use data in decision making. We have a rich pool of highly accomplished and successful alumni that occupy highly desirable positions in many organisations the world over. We are grateful to them for their contributions to the development of the Department.

We strongly hope that you will consider either enrolling in any of our programmes or recommending them to those valued friends or relatives of yours. We will also appreciate you for sharing your feedback, questions and suggestions as they may be useful in refining our programmes, activities and site information.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to meet you soon.

Dr. Samuel M. Takon

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


To constantly embark on research and teaching of old and contemporary ideas in Banking, Finance and other functional areas of management to engender economic and social development of the society.


To be the Department of Banking and Finance of choice, set on academic and professional excellence and using globally visible, versatile and intellectually dynamic academics within a corporate setting that makes research and training centre piece of academic evaluation.


To empower graduates to apply the theoretical knowledge gained to induce operational efficiency, stability and management effectiveness in the running of bank and non-bank financial institutions.


The Department of Banking and Finance is guided by the following specific objectives:

1.           To train and develop middle and high level manpower that would be able to apply fundamental academic principles to situational analysis in order to make appropriate and effective decisions;

2.           To offer quality instructions designed to develop analytical knowledge and requisite skill sets to man, supervise and direct the operations of the expanding genre of banks and non-bank financial institutions;

3.         To make the student better appreciate the role of banking and finance disciplines in inducing and promoting economic growth and development;

4.           To prepare and encourage students to pursue advanced studies in Banking and Finance and related disciplines.

The B.Sc. Programme in Banking and Finance is compatible with the overall mission of the University of Calabar and relevant to national sustainable development needs.


The B. Sc. Banking and Finance Programme commenced as a special area in the Management Studies Department in 1977. Before then, degrees were awarded in Management Studies with specialty in Accounting, Banking and Finance Management and Marketing. However, in 1987, the Senate of the University approved the award of separate degrees in these four specialty areas, based on the proposal made to it, following the recommendation of the NUC Accreditation team which proposed the creation of the four Departments. Subsequently, the Department of Banking and Finance was created in line with the professional requirements of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) which also requested for separate Departments for Accounting and Banking and Finance. Currently, the Department of Banking and Finance runs:

(i)           A four year B.Sc. Programme for UME candidates, and

(ii)         A three year B.Sc. Programme for Direct Entry candidates, in Banking and Finance.

The Programme is in high demand; demand has been increasing over the years and is expected to continue in the future.

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