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Department of Architecture

Welcome Message from The Head of Department- Architecture

Welcome to the website of the Department of Architecture at the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. The department and five others started rolling out academic programs in 2018 after the University of Calabar Senate granted them approval to start training students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Department of Architecture was established to train students on total architectural education to enable them to become world-class architects that will help in building a sustainable environment in Nigeria and beyond. We encourage you to go through our different web pages and find out more information about our academic programs, courses, and curriculum, staff, research, and other information.
The mission of the undergraduate program in Architecture is to prepare students for innovative practice in the design professions, broadening of design knowledge and know-how and stewardship of their immediate community, providing building designs that reflect the pre-and post-colonial Calabar, and in other cities, in general. Students are trained to use their designs in preserving the cultural, social, technological, and economic heritage of their immediate environment. The program also seeks to provide a holistic, quality education in architecture, promote excellence in architectural practice, sustainability, and preservation, and demonstrate engagement with community planning. The program also seeks to instill the value of life-long learning on students, who will, in turn, provide leadership in design education.
The University has engaged a dedicated and highly experienced team of academic, administrative, and technical, who have a deep commitment to teaching, training, and inspiring students to learn, acquire skills and knowledge, and in the process, develop enriching experience in architectural designs and practices. The experiences developed will enable them to be outstanding architects in a highly competitive world. The University has flooded the department with modern facilities that enhance learning, research, and understanding of basic and advanced architectural design concepts in its high-end studies.
The Department will strive to be the best place that offers excellent academic training for students. We encourage you to enroll in any of our programs. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback, kindly forward them to us through any of our platforms.
Thank you for visiting our website.

Dr Inah Eteng Okon

Head of Department

Mission / Vision / Philosophy / Objective


The Department's mission is to develop distinguished curriculums in accordance with international standards, to provide opportunities for an interdisciplinary design education to its diverse student community, to encourage and educate the future architects/interior architects/designers as innovative, creative, culture sensitive and environment responsive professionals with high critical thinking abilities and with up-to-date knowledge of technologies used in their fields; who can share and apply their knowledge within and with other disciplines, and who are open to new possibilities and collaborations with other disciplines in processes of both learning and professional practice.



The vision of the Department of Architecture is providing leadership in design education with internationally accredited programs both at national and international levels through a distinguished academic infrastructure and supportive milieu for students to orient themselves and acquire knowledge and skills needed for a creative and fruitful career. The Department of Architecture is committed to the values of mutual respect; cooperation and communication; creativity and innovation; community services and leadership; pursuit of excellence; public accountability, prestige and diversity and professional ethics.


The Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree program is to prepare students for innovative practice in the design professions and stewardship of their immediate community, providing building designs that reflect the pre- and post-colonial Calabar and beyond. The program seeks to provide a holistic, quality education in architecture; to promote excellence in architectural practice, sustainability, and preservation; and demonstrate engagement with community planning. The program also seeks to instill the value of life-long learning.



The primary aim of architectural education is to produce competent, creative, intellectually mature, ethical, socially responsible professional designers/ builders. An Architectural Education programme should be committed to:

a)    Offering a high-quality of professional education aimed at establishing core principles and fundamental architectural knowledge, an awareness of, and aptitude to design, coordinate and carry out projects;

b)    Equipping the student with advanced comprehension of the environmental, social, economic and technological contexts underlying design and construction in the built environment;

c)    Inculcating in the students adequate knowledge, attitudes, specialised skills and character qualities that will upon their graduation enable them effectively integrate knowledge of allied professions, co-ordinate and control the design and construction processes;

d)    Creating enabling environments that will foster active interest in research and development in architecture and related fields

e)    Provide the student with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to enable him/her to be self-reliant.



The department of Architecture, University of Calabar came into existence following the establishment of the Faculty of Environmental sciences in the 2018/2019 school year. Together with six (6) other departments, (Surveying & Geoinformatics, Estate Management, Geoinformatics Science & Remote Sensing, Urban & Regional planning, Geography & Environmental Sciences and Environmental Resource Management), it forms the nucleus of the Faculty.


From inception of this department, the two-tier (B.Sc., M.Sc.) system of training was adopted, putting emphasis on the theoretical content at the B.Sc. level and the professional qualification at the Master of Science (M.Sc.) level.


The department further adopted the course credit unit system. This system allows flexibility for elective courses from other departments and faculties. Thus, enhancing the creative works of the would-be architects and further project the expression of his inner being and the socio-cultural values of the society.

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