Our Mission

The Department’s mission is to provide students with improved knowledge of basic principles of extension and rural sociology; and to keep them abreast with recent improved technological innovations and sociological concepts. It is also the responsibility of the Department to conduct research on general improvement of agricultural production, storage, environmental management, processing, home management and utilization of improved technologies in line with the sociological concept of the farmers.

The mission of the Department is also to assist farmers within its environs to meet the challenges of animal and crop production, storage, soil management practices, environmental awareness among others through collaborative linkage with relevant national and international bodies.

Our Vission

The vision of the Department is in line with that of the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management which is to constitute a formidable base for improved extension delivery system for crop and animal production, extension education, communication, forestry and wildlife management/protection, soil management practices, home management, food processing and rural development through effective teaching, collaborative research and networking to prepare students with interest to take-up extension and rural sociology as a career.


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