The Audit Unit of the Vice-Chancellor's Office Department is headed by a Director of Audit, a title created in 2004. The Head of Audit had, until now, been called the Chief Internal Auditor. The office is involved with the independent appraisal, by specially assigned staff of the financial operations of University management. Audit functions by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of other controls.

Audit Unit ensures adequate and sound internal control of resources, verifies existing assets taking measures for their continued existence and establishes internal control in the system. Audit also makes appraisal of existing sub-systems, investigates the effectiveness with which assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds while at the same time conducts special verifications/investigations as directed by the university management. Only recently, the Vice Chancellor brought the Director of Audit into the University Management Committee that meets bi-monthly.

Audit is generally misunderstood by staff. The result is lack of trust and suspicion. Normal duties of Audit are often seen as investigations and witch-hunting exercises making Audit work difficult and uninteresting. Seminars and workshops may be a means of educating the University Community on the harmlessness of the role of Audit and create a healthier working environment for audit staff. Computerization of Audit systems which the University is engaged with at this time will enhance performance both in speed and accuracy.