Students Affairs

Mrs. Aniefiok Abasi Wojuola (Principal Assistant Registrar)



This office of the Student Affairs is responsible for registering students that have been deemed eligible to obtain scholarships and State bursaries.

General Administration

The service of regulating and evaluating administrative performance of staff members for reforms at the Students' Affairs Division is attached to this office.

Mr. Mathew M. Udoh (Principal Executive Officer 1)


Maintenance (Division Manager):

Responsible for general maintenance and services co-ordination at the Students' Affairs Division

Issuer of Exemption/Exclusion Certificates:

Exemption certificates are issued to graduating final year students who have attained the ages of thirty (30) years and above, or force officers seeking force exemption which falls into this category.

  • Exclusion Certificates:
    Certificates issued mainly to graduating students in programs of admittance other than the university tertiary matriculation's examinations at the University of Calabar.
  • Clearance for Final Year Students:
    The Students' Affairs Division offers clearance to graduating students in their final year. This is done immediately after their final year examinations in order to ensure that these categories of students have met their graduation requirements and are in no way indebted to the Division.

Mrs. Anita B. Eyo (Assistant Registrar)

  • Guidance and Counseling (Unit Head):
    The most important and compulsory function of any working division at the Students' Affairs is primarily students guidance and counseling. In view of the nature of problems faced by students, this unit superintends over every difficulty and problem faced by students and finds a way to help students through guidance and counseling sessions.
  • CUECO Students Union Government (S.U.G.) (Secretary):
    The designation Assistant Registrar at the Students' Affairs Division is responsible for documenting minutes at all meetings as secretary to the Calabar University Electoral Commission for the Students Union Government.
  • Post-Graduate Accommodation (Secretary):
    Same as CUECO above, she is responsible for documentation and referencing at every Post-Graduate Accommodation meetings and for the allocation of bed spaces to graduate students of the University.
  • Orientation Committee for Fresher (Member):
    For every fresh admission and new session at the University of Calabar, this officer serves as a member at each orientation program organized for the freshmen that have gained admission.
  • Hall Warden and General Administration (Monitoring):
    It is the statute responsibility of the Assistant Registrar at the Students' Affairs Division to peruse reports on matters arising daily in the administration of the hostels, and as well directed by the Dean to chair and regulate the student's hostels. Similarly, this office monitors and regulates the activities of staff and students in the Students' Affairs Division in order to actualize the mission and objective of the University.