Staff Research

  • Prof. Mbeh Ubana Eteng

  • Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, Toxicology and Pharmocognosy.

    On-going Research:

    Herbal therapies used in treatment of typhoid infection, malaia (their prophylactic and therapeutic benefits compared with synthetic pharmaceuticals. Reproductive toxicity of heavy metals (cadmium, lead etc) anti-bacterial and amelioration of their toxicity with natural antioxidants and Vitamins.

  • Dr. Peter C. Okafor

  • Senior Lecturer / Physical Chemist

    His research efforts is focused on understanding the mechanism, inhibition and modeling of corrosion processes, and environmental pollution as it relates to corrosion.

      On-going Research:

    • Electrochemical investigation, molecular dynamics simulations and quantum chemical evaluation of novel imidazoline derivatives on pipeline steel in CO2 saturated systems
    • Extraction, isolation, characterization and application of phytochemicals as environmental friendly corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in different aggressive environments
    • Experimental and quantum chemical calculations for the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acidic solutions by some derivatives of amino acids
    • Investigation of the adsorption characteristics of some waste products for heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions