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Renewable Energy Center

About US
Insufficient energy generation is identified as one of the major factors militating against sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria. Adequate research is therefore required to explore alternative sources of energy. The Unical Renewable Energy Centre is established to complement the activities of the existing energy centres across the nation by addressing issues of energy challenges in the South-South region in particular and Nigeria in general.
Our mandate is to:
  • Build a strong research team in the areas of Biomass, Biodiesel, Hydro, Wind, Solar, technologies, etc.
  • Train and develop manpower in renewable energy technologies.
  • Development and adapt renewable energy technologies that will suit the Nigerian environment.
  • Market renewable energy ideas, products and services.

Our vision is to accomplish the centre's mandate in such a way that renewable energy technologies will form a significant part of the Nigerian Energy mix. Our mission is therefore, to educate individuals, communities, businesses and schools in the development and utilization of cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy alternatives.

Center Core Research Areas

Nigeria is endowed with enormous water resources for effective hydro-electricity generation. Although a number of hydro-electric systems are currently operative in the country, there is need to explore more opportunities in this area through research. The Great Kwa Falls, Agbokim water falls, etc in Cross River State are yet to be utilized for electricity generation. The University of Calabar is currently collaborating with relevant agencies towards the generation of 6.4 megawatts of electricity from the Great Kwa Falls.


The Biomass and Biofuels feedstock development and conversion puts together plant ecologist, biochemist, civil environmental and chemical scientist and economists to study basic and applied approaches for the efficient production of non-food feedstocks as sustainable and renewable sources for biofuel generation within the region. Emphasis will also be placed on the utilization of agro-waste for biofuel production.

Solar Energy

Nigeria is endowed with enormous solar energy which is yet to be fully utilized. Given the average radiation of 5.5kWhm/day, the country can generate 1850x103GWh of electricity per year. Adequate research is needed to harness these resources. The focus area of the Solar Energy Group includes materials and devices development for (1) Photovoltaic power, (2) Solar water heaters (3) Solar food dryers etc.

Wind Energy

Nigeria has enough wind capacity to generate substantial amount of electricity. This team is designed to investigate wind energy conversion systems such as wind turbines, wind generators, wind plants, wind machines which convert kinetic energy of moving air to rotary motion of a shaft that is mechanical energy.

Board Members

  • Prof. Zana Akpagu Chairman
  • Prof A. Nkang Member
  • Prof E. Aniah Member
  • Prof B. Ita Member
  • Dr E.N Okey Center Director/Secretary