Over the years, ocean scientists in and around the University of Calabar have been passionate about commencing the educating of students at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels in the core areas of oceanography.

Our university is strategically sandwiched between two rivers: the Great Kwa eiver and the Calabar river, which intrinsically induces scientific inquiry to the minds of ecologist and environmentalist regarding the probable contributions and impacts arising from the coastal community on the adjoining aquatic systems.

The influence of global climate change and the its potential effects on oceans and humans, exemplifies the need to train younger generation on the strategies, methodologies, assessments/procedures, preventive and management perceptions that could lead to a stable and sustainable environment for the future.

With this in mind, the faculty has developed a robust curriculum for the oceanography training that places great emphasis on practical work and many vessel-based survey expeditions.

Graduates of oceanography shall be equipped with the scientific skills of tackling the numerous coastal and ocean-related environmental challenges including pollution, flooding and sea level rise just to mention a few. You are welcome on board.

Professor Francis Emile Asuquo JP
Dean, Faculty of Oceanography (FOC)