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Mr. Osmond Agbor Otora

History and International Studies

Otora Agbor is a lecturer in the Department of History & International Studies, University of Calabar, Nigeria. He holds a B.A (Hons) History & International Studies; M.A (Boundaries and Strategic/Security Studies) from the University of Calabar. Currently, he is a Ph.D candidate with bias in International Boundaries and Borderlands Research. He has attended and presented papers in many academic conferences and has many publications in both local and foreign scholarly journals to his credit.

1.    Otora, O. A (2013). “Trade Contacts and Metamorphosis in the Cross River Region:  The Place of Ikom/Olulumo in the Trade Relationship between the Upper and Lower Cross River Region, 1900-1950.” In The Calabar Historical Journal. Vol. (5), December, pp. 17-27.

      Otora, O. A. (2013). “Artificial Boundaries and the Political Economy of Border Regions: A Study of Clandestine Movements and Economic activities across the Cross River (Nigeria) – Southwest Cameroon Border Region.” In Journal of African Politics and Society (JAPS). Vol. 2 (2), December, pp. 196-211.

      Otora, O. A. (2013). “The Global System, Crime Transformation and the Travails of National Security: The Nigerian Experience.” In Professor Bassey Andah Journal of Cultural Studies. Vol. 6, pp. 65-80.

       Otora, O. A. (2013) “Developing a Transboundary Eco-Tourism Circuit in the Cross River (Nigeria) – Southwest Cameroon Border Region: A Prognosis for Cross Border Co-operation.” In Benue Valley Journal of Humanities. Vol. 12 (1&2), January – December, pp. 14 – 30.

       Otora, O. A. & Ellah, T. O. (2014). “ECOWAS Prospects for Regional Integration in the West African Sub-region.” In The Leajon: An Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Vol. 6 (1), September, pp. 90-98.

       Otora, O. A. (2014). “Borderlands of Insecurity: A Paradigm Shift towards a Sub-regional Peace and Security Regime in the Gulf of Guinea.” In Journal of African Politics and Society (JAPS). Vol. 3 (2), December, pp. 1-16.

        Otora, O. A. (2014). “Piracy and Maritime Criminality: Implications for a Transborder Maritime Security Regime in the Gulf of Guinea.” In Ilorin Journal of History and International Studies. Vol. 4 (1&2), pp. 207-225.

     Otora, O. A. (2016). “Historicizing the Capitalist World System and the     Contradictions of African Development.” In The Leajon: An Academic Journal of      Interdisciplinary Studies. Vol. 7 (2), February, pp. 129-147.

      Otora, O. A. (2017). “Transborder Data Flows and the Challenges of Cross Border Security and Socio-Economic Development in the Era of Globalisation.” In Ndunode Special Edition of the Calabar Journal of Humanities. Vol. 2 (1), January, pp. 369-381.

       Otora, O. A. (2017). “Calabar and the Challenges of Maritime Security in Nigeria’s South Eastern Borderlands.” In Sapha: A Journal of Historical Studies. Vol. 4, (1), pp. 226 – 256.

       Otora, O. A. (2018). “Where Internationality Meets Locality: Analysis of Conflict of Laws in Cross-Border Relations in Nigeria’s Eastern Borderlands.” In ICHEKE: Journal of the Faculty of Humanities. Vol.16, (2), pp. 101 – 123.

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Border Regions in Transition (BRIT)
It was the 16th edition of Border Regions in Transition international conference on the theme "North-South Dialogue on Border Management" co-hosted by the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and Universite d'Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou, Benin Republic.
Start: Monday 15th October, 2018
End: Friday 19th October, 2018
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