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Dr. Nelson Chukwudi Osuchukwu

Assoc Professor
Public Health


I am Dr Nelson Chukwudi Osuchukwu, Department of Public Health, University of Calabar, First Degree in Optomery(Doctor of Optometry) Imo State University, Okigwe, Master of Public Health(MPH) and Ph.D in Medical Sociology all from University of Calabar. I have Interest in Public Health Sociology


Publications by Nelson Chukwudi

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Osuchukwu N. C. & Osuchukwu, E. C. (2009). Factors influencing utilization of Modern family planning services among women of child bearing age (15-49 years) in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. Calabar. Mary Slessor Journal of Medicine, 9(1):37-42.

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Conferences Attended

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xix) International Conference on Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa (ASPHA)
Accra, Ghana.
Start: Saturday 8th December, 2012
End: Tuesday 11th December, 2012
iii) Attended the Three-Day Training Workshop/International Conference on the 3Rs in Research and Teaching in a Developing Country at the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria
organized by Animal Care and use of Research, Education and Testing (ACURET)
Start: Thursday 5th May, 2016
End: Saturday 7th May, 2016
i) The 8th Annual General Meeting/Scientific Conference of the Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa (ASPHA)
in Nairobi, Kenya
Start: Wednesday 26th April, 2017
End: Friday 28th April, 2017
ii) Attended the Nigerian Optometric Association Scientific Conference and Expo/41st Annual General Meeting
Benin City, Edo State with the Theme: Better Eye Health – The Responsibility of all.
Start: Wednesday 5th July, 2017
End: Saturday 8th July, 2017

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