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Social Science Education

Dr. Donald B. Enu is an Associate Professor of Social Studies Education, in the Department of Social Science Education, University of Calabar. He has served the University in different capacities. He has been Exam Officer, Programme Coordinator, Chairman Sandwich Teaching Practice Committee, Sandwich Coordinator 2011-2015, Director Institute of Public Policy and Administration 2015-2016, He is currently the Director of Academic Planning. He is a member of University of Calabar Management, a member of Senate, member of appointment and promotion committee, and a member of graduate school board of the University. He has taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. He holds membership of some professional bodies; to wit:  World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI), The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), USA, Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON), Social Studies and Civic Educators Association of Nigeria (SOCEAN) etc.

Enu, D. B. (2015). Teaching for social justice: An exploration of ethnic discontent in Nigeria. Accepted for publication in Journal of Education and Practice, USA.

Enu, D. B. (2016) Social Educators’ Contribution to Educating for Peace and Security in Nigeria. Journal of Education and Practice, 7(36), 97-103. USA

Enu, D. B. & Unimke, S. A. (2015). Exploring current trends of Social Studies curriculum in Nigeria within the context of global competiveness. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Humanities and social Science, USA

Enu, D. B., Unimke, S.A., Anthony, B. A. (2017) Re-Affirmation of National Core Values in Civic Education as Compass for True Federalism in Nigeria.International Journal of Entrepreneurial Development, Education and Science Research. Vol. 4, No. 1, 218-228.

Enu, D. B., Bassey, E. A. (2017) Strengthening the Foundation of Economic Development in Africa: A Review of the Trinitarian Relationship between Education, Technology and Productivity. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development. 4(6); June; 529-538,USA. 

Essien E. E., Enu, D. B. & Gimba, Joseph (2017). Achievement motivation towards Social Studies on Students Academic Achievement in Tertiary Institution in Cross River State, Nigeria. International Journal of Education, Learning and Development.5 (5), 45-50. 

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Enu, D. B., Opoh, F. A., Bassey, P.  E. (2017) Balancing the Imbalances in the Structure of Nigeria Federalism: The Civic Educators' Perspective. Advanced Research in Public Policy, Social Development and Enterprise Studies,2(1), 71-82

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Enu, D. B., Opoh, F. A. & Esu, A. E. O. (2016). Evaluation of Cross River State access to matching grants for the implementation of UBE policies between 2010 and 2014. Journal of Education and Practice, 7 (35), 161 -166.USA

Enu, D. B., Unimke S. A. & Undie, J. B. (2016). The Efficacy of Social Studies in Promoting Social Justice in Nigeria Multi-Ethnic Society. American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities, 6(4), 917-926 USA.

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Enu, D. B., Esu, A. E. O., & Kalu, I. M. (2008). School Environmental Variables  

                 as Predictors of JSS3 Students Social studies academic achievement in  

                 Cross  River State. Nigerian Journal of Curriculum Studies. 15 (2),85- 95.

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Enu, D. B. (2004) Evolving a Functional Human Rights Education Curriculum through Sustainable Human Resources Development. Nigeria journal of curriculum studies, 11(2), 18-24.

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Eneji, C. V. O., Qi Gubo, Q., Umoren, G. U, Omoogun, A. C., Oden, S. N, Enu, D. B. & Edet, P. B (2009). Socio-economic impacts of the Cross River National Park, Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Ecology, 2 (1)57-58, China. 

Enu, D. B., Oru, P. B., Omoogun, A. C., Oden, S. N. & Domike, G. (2009). A survey of Bush Meat Extraction within the Forest Communities of Ojok and Ekonganaku in Akamkpa in Respect of Environmental Curriculum in Education. Journal of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Ecology, 2(1) 78-85, China.

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16th World Council on Education
The 16th World Council on Education organized by the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) held at San Diego, California, USA, August 7 – 13, 2014. Paper Presented: Teaching for Social Justice: An exploration of ethnicdiscontent in Nigeria.
Start: Thursday 3rd July, 2014
End: Sunday 13th July, 2014
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