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Dr. Joel Efiong

Senior Lecturer
Geography and Environmental Science

A Christian, humble and hardworking, ready to explore new frontiers in academic and Church Ministry. He is a specialist in Hydro-geomorphology, Environmental Management, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems. His current research interest is Geomorphometry.

Efiong Joel, Digha, Opaminola Nicholas, Ochiche, Christopher Abua         (2016). Spatial Dependency in the Voting Pattern of the 2015         Nigeria‚Äôs Presidential Election. Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities         and Social  Sciences, 4(11);1399-1410.

Eze, E. B. & Efiong, J. (2010). Morphometric Parameters of the Calabar River Basin: Implication for Hydrologic Processes.Journal of Geography and Geology,  2 ( 1); 18-26.

Efiong, J. & Eze, E. B. (2004). Effluent Discharge and Stream Pollution by a Rubber Factory: A case study of Field 20 stream in Odukpani, Cross River State. African Journal of Educational Studies in Mathematics and Sciences, 2 (2); 79-90.


Eni, D. I., Efiong, J. & Upla, J. I. (2013). THE INFLUENCE OF AQUIFER DEPTH ON MICROBIAL PARAMETERS OF BOREHOLE WATER IN CALABAR METROPOLIS, NIGERIA. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, 2 (2); 286 - 299

Efiong, J., Opaminola, N. D. & Obianuju, E. A. (2016) Spatial Analysis of Land Surface - Vegetation Relationship inMountainous Areas of the Tropics Using Srtm-3 Dem. Journal of Geography and Geology, 8 (2); 59-75.

Eni, D. I., Uquetan, U. I. & Efiong, J. (2016). Impact of petroleum tank farms in Calabar export processing zone (EPZ) on Calabar River, Cross River State, Nigeria. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspective,  5, 2

Efiong, J. & Uzoezie, A. D. (2017). Increased paved surfaces as major factor of urban flooding in humid tropics: An example from Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. World Environment Journal, 1 (1); 45-57.

Efiong, J. & Hogan, I. S. (2017). Mapping flood risk zones in the Cross River Basin using remote sensing and geographical information systems. In: Ayuba, H. K., Iwugo, K. O., Dami, A. & Idris, N. M. (Eds.). Hydrology and Water Resources Development (161-166). Abuja: Nigeria Association of Hydrological Sciences.

Ebin, O. I. & Efiong, J.  (2017). Assessment of surface water quality in Yakurr Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria.  In: Ayuba, H. K., Iwugo, K. O., Dami, A. & Idris, N. M. (Eds.). Hydrology and Water Resources Development (161-166). Abuja: Nigeria Association of Hydrological Sciences.

Efiong, J. (2011) Changing Pattern of Land Use in the Calabar River Catchment, Southeastern Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development, 4 (1), 92-102.

Efiong, J. (2011). Effect of land use on water discharge in humid regions: An example from Southern Nigeria. Global Journal of Social Sciences, 10 (1 & 2), 53-61.

Amuyou, U.A., Eze, E. B., Essoka, P. A, Efiong, J., & Egbai, O. O. (2013). Spatial Variability of Soil Properties in the Obudu Mountain Region of Southeastern Nigeria. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science,  3 (15), 145-149.

Asouzu, O. E. & Efiong, J. (2015). Implication of open dumpsite on groundwater quality in Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 2(3), 117-125.

Efiong, J., Efiong, E. J. &   Ogba, A. O. (2016).  The Distribution of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Calabar Metropolis,Cross River State, Nigeria. Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management, 3(7), 347-359.

Efiong, J., Eze, E. B., Digha, O. N. & Asouzo, O. E. (2015). A GIS-Based land surface parameterization of Obudu Mountain Regions using SRTM-3 DEM. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 10 (1), 34-44.

Efiong, J. & Eni, D. I (2011). Effect of drainage morphometry on discharge in the Calabar River basin. Journal of Social Sciences and Development Issues, 8 (1), 12-30.

Ekpoh, I. J., Inah, E. O. & Efiong, J. (2012). The impact of human activities on Lokpoi stream in Yakurr Local Government Area, ross River State. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspectives. 1 (1), 123-141.

Efiong, J, & Oba, D. (2016). Ethnicity, Religion and Democracy: Evidence from the voting pattern of the 2015 Nigeria's Presidential Election. In: Ciboh, R. & Awopetu, R. (Eds.). Nigeria's Political Changes and Future of Democracy in Africa (197-213). Makurdi: Vast Publishers.

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World Environment Day Conference
This conference was facilitated by the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Calabar in Conjunction with Global Script Resources as part of activities to mark the 2017 World Environment Day.
Start: Thursday 1st June, 2017
End: Thursday 1st June, 2017
Nigeria[s Political Changes and the Future of Democracy in Africa
This was the 2nd National Conference was organised by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Benue State University, Makurdi
Start: Thursday 16th June, 2016
End: Saturday 18th June, 2016
Nigeria association of Hydrological Sciences (NAHS) 8th International Conference
The Conference was on the theme: Hydrology and Water Resources Development in Nigeria
Start: Tuesday 17th October, 2017
End: Friday 20th October, 2017
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