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Mr. Eteng sunday urom

Asst Lecturer
Mari Culture and Marine Fisheries Resources


ALBERT PHILIP EKANEM, SUNDAY UROM ETENG, FRANCIS MADUWUBA NWOSU and VICTOR OSCAR EYO (2012). Comparative studies of the growth and gonad development of clarias gariepinus (BURCHELL 1882). Fed diets with plant and animal-based ingredients in concrete tanks. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A. Volume 2 number 10, October 2012. Page 1203-1210.

GEORGE, UBONG U. UROM, SUNDAY E. AND ETANETUK NSEABASI(2014). Acute toxic effect of qua iboe light crude oil on the gills of clarias gariepinus Juvenile.

JOB B. E, ETENG S. U. (2014). Nutritional Status of the muscle meat of the male and female African fresh water catfish Heterobranchus biodosalis (pisce.clarias) Geoffrey Sain- Hiare( 1909) from lower Cross River System, Nigeria. 2014 Global Journal Series Articles.

JOB B. E, IDUNG J. U, EKPO P.B, ETA S. E, UDOH G. A, ETENG S. U.(2014). Periphyton Species Composition and Diversity in a tropical earthern pond in South east Nigeria.

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