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Dr. Abu Solomon Edet

Senior Lecturer
History and International Studies

Employment History : He specializes in and has taught archaeology and museum practice at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for over ten years in various universities. He worked as Head of Conservation Services at National Commission for Museum and Monuments. He also served as the Curator In-charge of the eastern zone of Museum of National Unity Enugu. While in the commission, he developed conservation projects and facilitated the preservation studies of the Cross River Monoliths sites towards development of tourism. He is presently Senior Lecturer and an historian of Archaeology at the Department of History and International Studies, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Education : He graduated from universities in two continents Europe and Asia. He obtained a B.Sc. (Hons.) from the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, U.K. and M.Sc., Ph.D. from Graduate School of Environment Earth Science Hokkaido University, Japan. International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property ICCROM Rome, Italy. Diploma on Conservation Management, University of London, UK. Grants/Fellowships: i. Awarded Japanese Monbukagakusho Grant 1993-1994 as Guest Researcher, Tokyo National Institute of Cultural Properties Ueno-Koen, Tokyo, Japan. ii. Awarded Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration (FICA) of Nigeria by the Governing Council. 2007.
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"Risk Management and Monitoring of Monuments and Sites in Nigeria".
Being a paper presented on a 4-day workshop for Monuments Heritage and Sites Officers on Management and Conservation of Heritage (Managing and Marketing Heritage in a Federal System) Jos, 9th-12th December 2003.
Start: Tuesday 9th December, 2003
End: Friday 12th December, 2003
"Museum Roles in Public Education Against Corruption (sub-Theme: Curbing Corruption in Nigeria and Anti-Corruption Organs".
Being a paper presented at the 57th Annual Congress of the Historical Society of Nigeria (HSN) held at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria on the 28-31 October, 2012. Under the theme of "Corruption and the Nigerian Society in Historical Perspective".
Start: Sunday 28th October, 2012
End: Wednesday 31st October, 2012
"Presentation of Environmental History in Tropical Africa: The Role of Environmental Archaeologist".
Bing a paper presented at the 13th Colloquium of the West African Archaeology Association Held at Abidjan Ivory Coast. February 04th-08th 2013.
Start: Monday 4th February, 2013
End: Friday 8th February, 2013
"The Cultural Properties of Nigeria"
A Text of Lecture delivered at the Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties, Translated by Yoko Futagami Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music, Yokyo, Japan May 31, 1994.
Start: Tuesday 31st May, 1994
End: Tuesday 31st May, 1994
Education and Training of Preservation Specialists and Conservation in Nigeria".
Being a paper presented at a 4-day Stakeholders workshop on national policy on preservation and conservation on National Documentary Heritage. Abuja 24th-27th March 2009.
Start: Tuesday 24th March, 2009
End: Friday 27th March, 2009
"Antiquity Identification, Appreciation and Interpretation"
Being a paper presented at a 3-day workshop for Curators on "Cultural Vision-Who is a Curator". Holding at the National Museum Aba 22nd-24th June 2004.
Start: Tuesday 22nd June, 2004
End: Thursday 24th June, 2004
"The Nigerian post-civil war and the impact of the war Calabar people culture historic monument and site: in the sub-theme Calabar through times: issues and challenges".
Being a paper presented at the Calabar 2012 conference, held at international conference centre, University of Calabar 24th - 27th April, 2013.
Start: Wednesday 24th April, 2013
End: Saturday 27th April, 2013
"Practical Skills in Conservation".
Preparation and Remedial Treatment of Museum Collections: A paper presented at the Conservation workshop held at the National Museum Enugu 15th-18th December, 2003.
Start: Monday 15th December, 2003
End: Thursday 18th December, 2003
"Selection and Preparation of Exhibition Materials: Objects and Exhibition Aid"/"Exhibition Security" .
Being a paper presented at the workshop on "Exhibition Skills for Museum Curators" held at the National Museum Owerri 18th-26th September, 2006.
Start: Monday 18th September, 2006
End: Tuesday 26th September, 2006
"A Perspective on the Question of Licensing Practitioners and the Need for a Heritage Council for Professionals and Institutions in the Culture Sector".
Being a paper presented at the conference of the Museum Association of Nigeria, Held at the Old Residency Museum Calabar 27th-29th November, 2003.
Start: Thursday 27th November, 2003
End: Saturday 29th November, 2003
"Environmental Education and Tourism Development":
paper presented at the 3-day workshop for teachers, local government official/community leaders holding Gulak, Madagali Local Government Area, Adamawa State from 6th-9th November, (2001).
Start: Tuesday 6th November, 2001
End: Friday 9th November, 2001
"Cultural Heritage: A tool for Poverty Eradication, Peace and Harmony in the Community".
Being a conference paper organized by Nigerian Rural Community Development Foundation Enugu 16th-19th September, 2008.
Start: Tuesday 16th September, 2008
End: Friday 19th September, 2008
Culture and the Transformation of African Diaspora.
Ancient Treasures of Nigeria: As Instrument For National Development Growth And Promotion Of External Relations. A paper presented at Centre for Black African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC 2014) International Cultural Festival and Colloquium on: 26th -27th November 2014, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
Start: Wednesday 26th November, 2014
End: Thursday 27th November, 2014
theme “The State of Archaeology in Nigeria: The Journey so Far.
Museum Archaeologist: Concept Role and Responsibility in Museum Development System. Being a paper presented at the 21st Annual Congress of the Archaeological Association of Nigeria, held at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria on the 30 June-3 July, 2014.
Start: Monday 30th June, 2014
End: Thursday 3rd July, 2014
"2000 Years of Nigerian Arts: Protection and Conservation of Our Classical Artworks".
A paper presented at the workshop on Conservation held at the National Museum Enugu 15th-19th December, 2004.
Start: Wednesday 15th December, 2004
End: Sunday 19th December, 2004
"Fifty years of Curating Conservation Services in Nigeria Museums”
paper presented at the participatory workshop for senior curators training programs series on the curator and museum development in Nigeria, holding at Calabar from 10th-12th December, 2001.
Start: Monday 10th December, 2001
End: Wednesday 12th December, 2001
"Management Care of Objects in Exhibition".
Being a paper presented at the three-day workshop for Museum Exhibition officers. Ibadan Museum 6th-9th November 2002.
Start: Wednesday 6th November, 2002
End: Saturday 9th November, 2002
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