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Mr. Harrison Chukwuma Ajebon

Lecturer II
Political Science

Harrison C. Ajebon is currently a Doctoral Research Student in the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University, United Kingdom. He is a Commonwealth Scholar. Before then, he studied for his M.Sc in Political Science at the premier University of Ibadan (2007-2009). He holds a B.Sc (Hons.) in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Benin (2000-2004). His reserach interest includes International Relations, Peace and conflict studies, Critical Security Studies, Civil-Military Relations, Nigerian Foreign Policy, Nigerian Government and Politics. Besides reading and Research, his hobbies include networking with people, photography, playing Table Tennis and volunteering for humanitarian cause like the Nigerian Red Cross society and the British Red Cross. He is published in local and International Journals and has participated in notable International Conferences. He is a member of several Professional Academic Associations like the International Political Science Association (IPSA), Political Studies Association (PSA), International Studies Association (ISA), to mention a few. He is happily married; a parent, a Christian and he is often acknowledged for his sense of integrity.

Nwagboso, C. I and Ajebon, H.C  (2012). Globalization and Public Policy Decision-Making in Nigeria: The challenges in the Privatization of Nigerian Telecommunivcation (NITEL). British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, Vol. 6. No.2  Pp. 151-165.

Idahosa, O. and Ajebon, H.C (2012). The United States and Nigerian Relations: Diplomatic row over official Terrorist label. Global Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.11 (1). Pp. 53-62

Ajebon, H.C (2012). African Union and the challenge of Political-Economic Development of Africa. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspective (MJRDP). Vol. 1 (2). Pp. 22-33

Idahosa, O. and Ajebon, H.C (2006). The Rebasing of the Gross Domestic Product of the Nigerian Economy: Regime Consolidation or Societal Transformation? Journal of Public Governance and Administration. Vol.1 No.1. Pp. 77-88

Idahosa, O. and Ajebon, H.C (2017). As the beat goes on in Syria, is there an exit route? Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.8. No. 6. Pp 53-62

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The fourth European Conference on the Social Sciences (ECSS), Brighton, United Kingdom.
Peace without Justice? The dilemma of conflict deconstruction in post-amnesty Niger Delta.
Start: Thursday 7th July, 2016
End: Sunday 10th July, 2016
British International Studies Association (BISA) Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group Annual Conference. University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Beyond the Amnesty: State (in)security practices and the everyday lived experiences of the Niger Delta people of Nigeria.
Start: Wednesday 5th September, 2018
End: Thursday 6th September, 2018
British International Studies Association (BISA) Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group Annual Conference. Newcastle, United Kingdom
Boko Haram and the War on Terror in Nigeria: What should the Government do next?
Start: Monday 4th September, 2017
End: Tuesday 5th September, 2017
Nordic Africa Days (NAD) 2018 Conference, Uppsala, Sweden
Everyday security perception and practices in post-amnesty Niger Delta, Nigeria.
Start: Wednesday 19th September, 2018
End: Friday 21st September, 2018
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) event on the future of Foreign Policy: spotlight on combatting the illegal wildlife trade, girls education and soft power. Wilton Park, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Youth Agency and Nigerian Foreign Policy
Start: Friday 16th March, 2018
End: Sunday 18th March, 2018
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