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Mr. Menget Roland Ochen

Assistant Lecturer
History and International Studies

Employment History: I was offered a temporary appointment as Administrative Assistant with the Centre for Educational Services (CES) of the University of Calabar on 15th March, 2013. Shortly after that, I was converted from CES to the mainstream of the University Administration as Administrative Assistant on a permanent basis on 1st August, 2013. My appointment with the University was confirmed on 1st August, 2015. Following the completion of Master of Arts (M.A) Degree programme in History and International Studies in 2015, approval was given for conversion of my appointment from Administrative Assistant to Assistant Lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies, University of Calabar on 16th September, 2016. Education: I had Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in History/Social Studies from College of Education, Akamkpa in 1997. Bachelor of Arts (B.A Hons) Degree in History and International Studies from the University of Calabar, 2004. I also had a Diploma Certificate in Computer Application from Tete Institute of Computer Technology, Calabar in 2010. Master of Arts (M.A) Degree in History and International Studies, University of Calabar in 2015, and Ph.D Degree in view, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. Award/Honours: Best student Award Department of History college of Education- 1998

The Role of Economy in Cross-Border Relationship between the People of Cross River Region of Nigeria and South West Cameroon.

Rapid Economic Growth for National Development: The case of Asia and Latin American Countries.

Reasons and Impact of Massive Immigration of the People from the Third World Countries.

Mercantilism as a Theory in International Trade.

Nigeria Foreign Policy under the Military: 1985 – 1993.

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Theme: Values Reorientation through Research and Evaluation.
19th Annual National Conference of Association of Educational Researchers and Evaluators of Nigeria, held at University of Jos, Plateau State on 10th – 14th July, 2017.
Start: Monday 10th July, 2017
End: Friday 14th July, 2017
The theme of the conference was: Historical Society of Nigeria at 60: The National Experience.
60th Annual Conference of Historical Society of Nigeria, held at the Department of History and Diplomatic Studies, University of Abuja on 11th–14th October, 2015.
Start: Sunday 11th October, 2015
End: Monday 14th September, 2015
Theme: Contemporary Forms of Slavery to Europe.
An International Conference held at Department of History and Security Studies, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, Katsina State on 27th – 30th November, 2017.
Start: Monday 27th November, 2017
End: Thursday 30th November, 2017
The conference theme was: Institutions and Nation Building in Nigeria since Independence.
62nd Annual Conference of Historical Society of Nigeria, held at Department of History, Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto on 4th – 8th June, 2017.
Start: Sunday 4th June, 2017
End: Thursday 8th June, 2017
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