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John Ikponwosa Otalor is an erudite researcher with strong communication, analytical and multi-tasking skills. He is able to adapt to changing situations easily, highly efficient and extremely energetic, work under little or no direct supervision. A stickler for time and timelines, keeping an eye on quality, highly committed to excellence and watches over KPIs like a hawk without losing sight of details. A motivator and creative problem solver who works well with team and understands the importance of sharing knowledge with peers. He had a brief stint in the insurance sub-sector (NIBON Insurance Brokers, Benin City, March 1987 to December 1988) of the financial services industry before a more than two decade experience in the banking sub-sector of the same industry (Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, December 1988 to February 2012). Worked briefly as an audit intern with Chris Awili& Co (Chartered Accountants, February 2012 to November, 2014). He joined the University of Calabar in December, 2014 and has been involved in teaching and research.

Otalor, J.I. and Eiya, O. Combating Corruption in Nigeria: The Role of the Public Sector Auditor.Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 4(3), 2013

Okafor, C.A. and Otalor, J.I. Narrowing the Expectation Gap in Auditing: The Role of the Auditing Profession. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 4(2),2013.

Otalor, J.I. and Okafor, C.A. Imperatives of Bridging the Audit Expectation Gap and Enhancing the Credibility of Corporate Financial Information. International Journal of Business and Social Research, 3(5),2013.

Otalor, J.I. and Eiya, O. Ethics in Accounting and the Reliability of Financial Information. European Journal of Business and Management, 5(13), 2013.

Eiya, O. and Otalor, J.I. Forensic Accounting as a tool for Fighting Financial Crime in Nigeria. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 4(6), 2013

Dabor, E,L.,Otalor, J.I. and Erah, D.O.Cost volume profit analysis: A Discuss;Accounting Frontiers, 4(2),2013

Otalor, J.I., Bessong, P.K. and Kankpang, A.K. Causes and cure of corruption in Nigeria: Perception of Citizens. Journal of Business Administration and Management, 10(2), 2015.

Otalor, J.I. and Oti, P.A. Budget Participation, Managerial Performance and Budgetary Slack: The Intervening Role of Budget Pressure and Monitoring. Accounting and Taxation Review, 1(1), 2017

Otalor, J.I.,Ogiedu, K.O. and Isenmila, P.A. Opportunistic Behaviour and Budgetary Slack Creation: Evidence from Nigerian Firms. Journal of Business, Accounting and Finance Management, 8(1), 2017

Ogiedu, K. O., Isenmila, P. A. and Otalor, J.I. Behavioural intentions and Budgetary Slack creation among employees of Nigerian firms: An application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. UnihezJournal of Contemporary Research, 7(1), 2017.

Okafor, C.A. and Otalor, J.I. Budget Participation and Budgetary Slack: Evidence from Quoted Firms in Nigeria. A paper presented at the 4th Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria International Conference held at Covenant University, Otta, Ogun State, April 18–20, 2018

Otalor,J.I. Budgeting and Internal Control. A paper presented at a workshop organised by the BCS Audit Directorate Training Programme for all BCS Account Officers at BCS World Headquarters, 34 Ambo Street, Calabar, Cross-River State,May 21 - 23, 2018.

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4th Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria International Conference.
A meeting for ICAN certified Accountants
Start: Wednesday 18th April, 2018
End: Friday 20th April, 2018
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