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Dr. Eyam Sunday Eyam

Lecturer 1
Chemical Pathology

COURSES /CONFENCES/WORKSHOPS • Entrepreneurship Development Programme 19th-23rd June 1995 At Alvan Ikoku College of Education – Owerri, Imo State. • Counseling course on HIV/AIDS – Feb 1998, held at the retreat and Pastoral Centre Okpuno, Awka, Anambra State. • Infection prevention in hospital setting. – 17/02/03 –21/02/03, held at UCTH Calabar. • Workshop on good clinical practice (GCP) – July 2006. Held at ITDR/P UCTH Calabar. • Medical/Research Ethics(West African College Of Physicians) UCH Ibadan – June 2011 • Training on severe malaria management using injectable artesunate – 25-27 August, 2013 at Jorany Hotel conference centre, Calabar. • Scientific Conference of the Nigerian Association of Urological Surgeons – 22-25 November, 2016 in Calabar

Open-label trial of three dosage regimens of fixed-dose combination of artemisinin and naphthoquine for treating uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Calabar, Nigeria. Malaria Journal, 2012, vol 11

Effect of lifestyle (eating habits and physical activities) on weight gain of rural and urban secondary school adolescents in Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. 2013; vol 3 (7): 84-89

Types of obesity and its effect on blood pressure of secondary school students in rural and urban areas of Cross River State, Nigeria. IOSR Journal of Pharmacy, May 2013; vol 3 (4): 60-66

Impact of family history and socioeconomic status on weight: The trend amongst secondary school students in Cross River State, Nigeria. International Journal of multidisciplinary research centre (IJMRC) Nov 2015; vol 1 (6): 1-10

A glance at Biomarkers of bone metabolism. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 2016; 15 (5): 499-504

Overview of foods with antioxidant effect-clinical relevance. European Journal of food science and technology. 2017; 4 (2): 1-9

Ekpe EL, Eyam SE, Ekanem E.Point of care dipstick assessment of ascitic fluid: comparison with SAAG in differentiation of ascitic fluid into exudates and transudate Supplement to Clinical Chemistry,2017; 63 (S10), S1

Eyam SE, Ekpe EL. Precocious puberty in a 30-month old Nigerian girl-A case report. International Journal of Medical and Dental Case Reports 2018;5:1-3

Precocious puberty in a 30-month Nigerian girl (Case report- Abstract) SOFPON 20th Annual general meeting and scientific conference. Pp 40

Pattern of prostate—specific antigen (PSA) in male participants 40-70 years screened for prostate cancer during a medical outreach in a tertiary institution in Nigeria¨A pilot study. SOFPON 20th Annual general meeting and scientific conference. 2017; pp.56 (Abstract)

Pattern of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in male 40-70 years screened for prostate cancer during a medical outreach in a tertiary institution in Nigeria: a pilot study. IJRDO – Journal of Health sciences and nursing, Dec. 2017; vol 2 (12): 33-39

Correlation of international prostate symptom score with prostate volume and quality of life in a screened population of University workers.IJCMR, Jan 2018; vol 5 (1): 15-17

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