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Lecturer I
Banking and Finance

Pastor Edim Ndifon Obim is a lecturer in the Department of Banking and Finance,University of Calabar and a part time Pastor with the Living Faith Church,Calabar.I was born on the 3rd of April, 1958 in Akparabong in Ikom LGA of Cross River State and attended Presbyterian Primary School and Government Secondary School in Ikom and obtained FSLC (Distinction) and WASC respectively.I also hold a B.Sc (Hon) in Education Economics,PGD (Management) and M.Sc (Finance) all from the University of Calabar and is currently on my doctoral programme in Banking and finance.I am a member of many professional associations including CIBN,FCMA,FSM among others with many reputable awards.I have many publications in local and International journals and has co-authored two textbooks currently in the print. Pastor Obim was the founding manager of Unical Community Bank and pioneer MD/CEO of Unical Micro-finance Bank before crossing over to academia in 2013.I am married and blessed with children.

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Obim, E. N., Owui, H., Emefiele, C andEdim, (2018).A disaggregated and comparative analysis of working capital management on the performance of manufacturing firms in Nigeria: A study of Nestle and Cadbury Nigeria PLC.Research Journal of Finance

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