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Dr. Michael Eyong Otu

Senior Lecturer
Soil Science


Shiyam, J. O. Ojating, I. Binnang, W. B., Uko, A. F. and Eyong, M. O. (2008). Impact of the Mulch production system on soil chemical changes and agronomic performance of plantain (Musa AAB) in a rainforest zone. UNIISWA Research Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology, 2(1), 51-56 ISSN: 1029-2645 Index/Abstracted on

Shiyam, J. O., Eyong, M. O., Uko, A. F., Binnang, W. B., and Ojating, I. (2008). Relative soil fertility improvement efficiency of selected wood species grown on an Untisol in Calabar, Nigeria. UNISAWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and technology, 4 91) 37-40. ISS No: 1029-9645. Index/Abstracted on

Shiyam, J. O, Attoe, E. E., Undie, U. I. and Eyong, M. O. (2014). Effects of N-enriched Goat Manure on Productivity of Telfairia/Amaranthus Mixture in Calabar. Australian Journal of Biology and Environmental Research.

Eyong, M. O,. Iren, O. B. and Akpan, J. F. (2010. A conservation farm plan for part of the hilly farms at Nsukka in Enugu State of Nigeria. African Journal of Agricultural research and development, 4 (3), 59-64.

Eyong, M. O., Esu, I. E. and Ogbaji, P. O (2008) classification and evaluation of soil under rubber (Hevea Braziliensis Muell Argo) Plantation at Nko, Cross River State of Nigeria. Global Journal of Pure and applied Science. 14 (1,) 19-24 ISSN: 1118-0579 Indexed/Abstracted on AJOL (UK) http/, Chemical Abstracts (USA) CAB ABC Act Abstracts (USA) Zoological Record (USA) African Geology (France).

I. E. Esu, A. U. Akpan-Idiok and M. O. Eyong (2008). Characterization and classification of soils along a typical hill slope in Afikpo Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Soil and Environmental research, 8:1-16. Abstracted by African Journal on line (AJOL).

Ogbaji, P. O., Eyong, M. O. and Obi, M. E. (2007). Effect of particle size distribution on gully erosion growth in a watershed in Enugu State. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 13(3), 325-327 ISSN. 1118-6579 Indexed/Abstracted on AJOL (UK) and chemical Abstracts (USA) CAB Abstract (UK).

Imuk, E. A. and Eyong, M. O. (2007). Effect of liquid effluent-polluted soil properties on germination and growth of corn (Zea mays) in Cross River State, South Eastern Nigeria. Journal of Research in Agriculture, 4(1), 43-49.

Eyong, M. O. and Ogbaji, P. O. (2006). Profile distribution of iron and aluminum oxides in selected valley bottom soils at Odukpani in Cross River State, Nigeria. Global Journal of Environmental Science, (520, 101-014. Indexed/Abstracted on Ajol (UK):

Eyong, M. O. (2006). Environment management for sustainable agriculture and development in developing countries. Journal of Research in agriculture 3(4), 59-64. Website

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37th Annual Conference of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria (S.S.S.N.).
Fertility Evaluation of Selected Gleyic Acrisolos of the Supporting Rice Annual in Yakurr Local Government of Cross River State. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria.
Start: Wednesday 11th March, 2015
End: Sunday 15th March, 2015
1st Annual Conference of International, Research and Development Institute.
Environmental Management for Sustainable Agriculture and Development in Developing Countries. Journal of Research in Agriculture.
Start: Wednesday 28th June, 2006
End: Thursday 29th June, 2006
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